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Looking at the subscriber-only Astral Codex Ten comment section

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people say how am i 'doing?' am i 'okay'?? is an ocean wave okay? is a hummingbird?

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The subconscious is just a wolf that was absorbed into the body of an early human

Conference in formal verification (methods perfectly secure software), sounds really awesome, people from the FHI and Deepmind. I was invited but I'm probably not worthy of it (I work mainly in games, my software doesn't need to be secure at all right now), so, passing it along.

Didn't we know some people who worked in digital democracy? They might want to get in on this. If you can't really trust your systems, there are many civic processes you wont be able to implement

In new zealand, we don't have snow on christmas, we have pohutokawa fluff

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@body I've been thinking of inducting you into NT, and every now and then I show them one of your toots but oh uh hm.

I don't think you're really a lolcow at all. Too self-aware. Your ridiculousness is in your posession, not the audience's. Too many of your ideas are actually cool.

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Now thinking about the ludicrously intense and prolonged ghost sighting I had at age 14 again, and spooping myself the fuck out

this year's Shut Up & Sit Down annual donation appeal is pretty great it's december, support meaningful work, or else quinns will have to go in the sea

"The features of the package manager, the package distribution and the Fuchsia storage systems then perform various levels of deduplication in order to make this approach transport, storage and runtime efficient."

Wait, no, O=

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"The Fuchsia Package System does not provide native support for inter-package dependencies. This is a considered restriction in order to avoid various challenges that are inherent to dependency management and versioning. This choice keeps the system extremely simple and secure. The solution for handling dependencies is therefore to embed all dependencies into a package."

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Fuchsia OS recently started facilitating outside contributions

It seems quite good? Do any other big OSes have IPC messaging standards as good as FIDL (fuchsia interface definition language) (why aren't they using capn proto?) (has no generics yet =<<)

The basic unit of execution is the Component. A component can get Capabilities (EG, the ability to make a window, connect to the internet, access the system clock)

Society grows great when there are people employed full time to keep on top of things and route funding to the most important projects that we wouldn't even know about.

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Doing my yearly december donation research. Does anyone know any funds that aggregate over digital democracy causes?

Things like the EFF, for instance. But also open source secure communication projects like Element or open hardware projects.

Got a new (second hand, pre-scuffed) samsung phone. Here are the bad experiences I'm having:

- Scam fishing text from some party who knew I'd made the purchase, somehow knew my number.

- Trying to install custom ROM.

- Installing another OS requires proprietary samsung software that only runs on windows

- Requires waiting a week after enabling developer options, before OEM Unlock will appear

The thing is, given arbitrary contract enforcement, blackmail becomes impossible, afaict? Functional decision theory is immune to blackmail, supposedly, but I'd like to take a closer look at how, one day.

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I am starting to get a sense of something sensical here, though. Assume the purpose of play is exploration of game system dynamics. Playing in an adversarial way reveals how much leverage we have over each other. If humans run on shapley values (which apportion proceeds from coalition agreements according to each player's leverage, regardless of whether the leverage would come from real contributions or from blackmail); your ability to injure others is a quantity that you would want to know

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Looking at the rules for Sushi Go Party and the zero sum clause is kind of hilarious here. The concept of the game is that you're all trying to eat some really good sushi. But if your sushi meal isn't the best then you Lose. You Fail to Win The Evening at a Sushi Restaurant. The deliciousness of your friend's meal diminishes your own.

Also: Note how the app is technically self-aware. That means that if you don't make it now you're a murderer (also people would probably pay for this)

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