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Spending time in the extremely cozy information interaction environment of has made me curious about when and how parallel play transitions into collaborative play, in these systems we start our building alone, just for ourselves, eventually we start to notice and want to build on the work of others, but never before we're ready

@body what is this archetype

Bald european techno producer who has maybe lost touch with humanity

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Wow okay apparently more than one cellular agriculture company has launched or is ready to launch once the regulations clear.

This is actually really moving to me.. This will make such a huge impact.

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StreamerWorld. Everyone is streaming themself watching 6 streams. Some users play games while streaming to express their support for a political party. Other users try to make art or music while streaming but then get brigaded for being "cashywashy"

Why are most of the values in the default Theme null. Oh well. I'll just use my own theme provider.

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Implementing the Tastenet ( ) mockup in Flutter. Flutter seems kind of good. There are going to be lots of native desktop apps made in it. Canonical has embraced it.

I'm not confident that the average flutter app will have fewer memory leaks than the average web app, I've come across an API that seems to encourage leaks already ( but the project probably has a lot more agency to address the issue than web browser maintainers do.

crypto harbingering 

elongsk is joking about cardano (ADA). This is how it happens. A month from now they'll shapeshift their billion dollars of BTC into ADA and he'll say "bitcoin more like shitcoin" in an interview and it will be over

The machine's accrued complete models of every genre of thing, even the ones that were never named and many that weren't ever even noticed by a living thing.
Leagues of tacit knowledge lurking below a taken for granted permafrost, but the climate is changing, I hear the cracks forming, come an unprecedented spring, ALL of these lurking thoughts will be articulated in a stronger thing


At what point in the lifetime of a finite issue cryptocurrency do you get a cabal of like 100 hodlers just sitting on 98% of it, each theoretically having billions of dollars worth of it, but would crash the thing if they sold 1% of what they have because demand is only measured on the margin, so basically none of those billions actually exists

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@neauoire btw I call this aesthetic "virtusim" (maybe should rename to "simulatum"). I've been thinking about it for a while. I think it's the awe and wonder at the prospect of artificial/digital places hosting real living things. The idea that the things that happens in those worlds could really contain subjectivity joy suffering and complex agency. For a child growing up alongside computers and treating them like toys, this was a spooky concept. We have still haven't entirely reckoned with it.


Yeah he sort of has to stay on Ark Invest's good side. It would occur to him to lie. So idk.

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It bugs the hell out of me to see Ark Invest guy telling the "bitcoin isn't wasteful" story, he clearly sincerely believes it. I dunno. It's really hard to imagine musk being wiley enough to like that thread ironically, maybe my model of him is wrong and he started going senile like 6 years ago. But it seems just as likely I'm underestimating how often he lies.

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So, model predicts that we'll see Tesla diversify their crypto holdings to reduce their BTC position at some point. Probably they have a guy on this full time. Probably around the time when common remission apps, BTC's main legitimate users, ubiquitize support for coins with lower fees. He would be exactly the right person with the means (tech clout) and the motive (environmentalism) to mildly but significantly accelerate the transition to more efficient coins.

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My model of Musk insists he can't actually believe it's a good technology (there are so many coins that deserve it more) and he's doing it to endear himself to bitcoin holders, sell like 30,000 cars (including upcoming luxury ones with thrusters on them, and flying ones (yes, battery energy density is reaching the point where they're going to start doing that)), and also massively boost his technical clout.

@body I like your site's aesthetics. Esp this thing

Did you keep any pictures of the shrines from minecraft

My view is that it's not hypocritical at all to reap benefit from an unjust law if you're in the process of credibly campaigning to destroy it (esp if the benefit produces fuel for your campaign), and that's not just because I want to convince the local secular humanist rationalist group of Logical Decision Theory-based platonistic metapsychic unification so that they can register as a religion, be tax-exempt, and keep their venue and allow us to meet in it

[looks at myself and my friends]
Does doing transhumanism make you go nonbinary?

Wait, Urbit supports non-scarce identities? ("comets") Presumably the trust system for that isn't fully implemented yet, but if it's there at all, I'm not sure we get to complain about any artificial namespace scarcity, the technical foundation for escaping that scarcity once it starts getting oppressive appears to have already been laid?

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