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“Over the last hundred years, gas companies have engaged an all-out campaign to convince Americans that cooking with a gas flame is superior to using electric heat. At the same time, they’ve urged us not to think too hard—if at all—about what it means to combust a fossil fuel in our homes.”

I wasn't interested in neural networks until I heard this interview. Now I'm *really* interested. I'm considering applying. If the interest hasn't died off in a month I probably will reach out and at least describe my view of what it is the visualization spec has to create, I'm not sure it's exactly what they think it is, it is not like most visualization jobs

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Anthropic are looking for a data visualization specialist, the one who will make the lamps and lenses by which these murky caves of wonder could for the first time be seen

Anthropic is a new AI alignment research organization, a large part of their approach is the development of interpretability: trying to understand how neural nets structure themselves. Frankly, it's responsible as fuck, and, hearing them talk about it, fascinating

I watched the new netflix Ghost in The Shell 2045 Full 3d CGI. It might be okay. You might want to see how the second season reviews before going in.

Visuals: *Interesting*. Not "last-gen" imo, *Retro*. Plot: Decent, poignant, the post-humans (whose vice seems to be extreme levels of self-actualization) are a mood, but could turn out to be really offensively goofy depending on where all this is going. Tachikomas: Not as heart achingly precious as in SAC but still pretty precious

@body hanson's theory of xenosociology

Includes Boulder lore: sprites were first photographed there

That probably didn't take all that many resources to make though.

The other listed projects are search engines for various encyclopedias (stuff like Britannica, stanford philosophy, "citizendium" (which seems like a smaller chiller less persnickety wikipedia, cosy)) and seem nice enough.

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Looking at one of their projects... appears to be microblogging but RSS and with no follows or retweets. Very little technical merit, considering that apparently mastodon already supports RSS

What a strange thing to fund. And Larry mostly only uses it for tweeting conservative culture war takes. And its reply view is.. actually kind of worse than mastodon's (only shows one level at a time. I guess it's debatable.)

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You can tell that the project is still active because it says "Yes, it’s active. There’s stuff going on behind the scenes." in the faq. Seriously though it probably is, it was only launched in 2019.

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I would ask them for funding to build a fast web of trust query server if I has any idea what I would do with funding

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"The encyclosphere will be the universal network of encyclopedias—an ownerless, leaderless, centerless knowledge commons. Like the blogosphere, it will be a decentralized series of “feeds,” but feeds of encyclopedias and individual articles posted anywhere online."

Larry Sanger, the Wikipedia co-founder and helper and advisor to many other educational and reference websites is president.

@bee I want to make sure you see this because I feel your aesthetic living among these granules and pods

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Found it in this amazing shop where you get to go around and smell every one of the teas

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Discovered a caffeine free tea I approve of

"Cinnamon, liquorice root, orange peel, fennel and cardamon"

It is unimaginably difficult to specialize computational work without paying the servers.

Some see the necessity of payment as a barrier to access. This needn't be true. The costs of running a server, per user, are always low. Almost everyone can afford to cover the costs of the servers they use, for the ones who can't, WOTs provide a decent way of figuring out who's a real person and covering their costs through some public funding/donation process.

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Decentralized Web of Trust Moderation would provide transparent, uncensorable, automated curation competitive with the corpos' algorithms.

I don't think decentralized WOTM can ever be p2p.. The application needs to be able to decide reachability in microseconds over large graphs. It's intensive. It would probably have to involve outsourcing computation to specialists.

If you're squeamish about agoric computing, get some gloves. It is going to be needed.

Tasteweb Update:
I think I'll change direction a bit.

I'm tired of fighting flutter and I'm really frustrated with how incomplete it is. There currently is no fully featured animated list element. I am not going to be the one who makes that shit.

I should work on fast shortest path queries/the backend/social db, that's the part of the system that's going to require novel techniques, that's the part that might turn out to be impossible, that's the part that I'm uniquely positioned to prototype.

So, if I think links are so great, why didn't I link the thing that I was talking about?

1. Gemini does not support section links, so I can't really do that well

2.'s character limit is hostile to sprinkling links around as well. I have never advocated for a character limit and yes it *is* also a garbage backwards limitation.

3. there, I did

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From the Gemini FAQ

"There are benefits to the style as well. It encourages including only the most important or relevant links"

I really hope none of you bought into this way of thinking. A link that's unimportant to most of your readers, for a learner, can be a doorway into a new world. An abundance of links makes texts more accessible to newcomers and helps to index the web. Anything that discourages linking decreases the health of the network. You should NEVER be stingy with links.

I want to draw a red circle around it but it is already sufficiently visual aberrant to be clearly indicated.

For other saturations and lightnesses, yellow is fine, starts to go wrong at the higher reaches.

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