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This black rice :o I put the water in, it's instantly like this, I can't see the rice under the water.

When cooking rice in a pressure cooker, you have to get the water ratio exactly right. This is going to make that a bit more challenging hehe

spooky painting of a spooky home invader (Cat) 

This happened to me once, only it was a regular sized cat, who I knew, but it was still kind of freaky

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spooky painting of a spooky home invader (Cat) 


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Linked two repos to work on web of trust for #fediverse moderation.

Please share any repos/resources you think would be helpful.

@weex Howdy, I searched "web of trust moderation" yesterday and you came up. We should probably know each other. WoT moderation technologies are the main thing I'm devoting my energies to right now, I think it's incredibly important.

I'm currently developing a graph database that make inclusion queries fast enough for the applications I have in mind.

I don't think people know how many crucial social tools WoTs are needed for, I wrote this about it:

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This is a really solid theory, but it doesn't play well with the anthropic principle at first glance. Likelyhood of a civilisation appearing doesn't matter when the main variable is likelyhood of being born into that civilisation, hence this theory only works if we assume interstellar civilisations have incredibly tiny populations, and/or are immortal.

I'm afraid that all I want to draw right now is Nai Stratton from Mirror Chamber, ( ) but to do that I'll have to run 200 years of futureshock level 2 semiotic evolution in my head to figure out what postcarconic posthumans would look like, and then I'd have to figure out what Nai specifically would want to look like, and then something that we would find aesthetic, within that set.

Anything less would be an insult to the work :( I'm never going to draw again :(

Tasted store bought kimchi today to remember what it was like. It turns out that it was barely sour at all, and it does taste nicer that way.

But to get it this way, I think you have to shorten, or slow the fermentation, but the thing @neauoire said about the fart smell being most present at that early stage of the fermentation was also confirmed true.


no drawtober today. I drew too much yesterday (2 drawings) so I am too tired. Here's the other thing I drew yesterday though. It's @jolly

There is no way for me to justify drawing cover art for a made up rpg I wouldn't even want to make, but @jolly's recorder version of Wind Scene ( compelled me do it

actually why is freehanding the correct angles so hard :<
Once again failing to find a use for varying line width with pressure. Do not attempt it, not even for drawing grass (how should I draw grass :<<).

A propinquity city would absolutely have to be made of CLT to be politically viable: If you built enough housing to alleviate the misery of the world using regular materials like concrete, the all time carbon surplus would be increased by like 50% or something wild like that.

So while it's deeply misanthropic to restrict housing construction in the ways that every western aspiring landlord home owner association local government does, <ecoterrorism>It's also actually pretty based</ecoterrorism>

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I wanted to develop architectural styles for propinquity cities (, which would have actually been an interesting problem, because we need something versitile, oriented around cross-laminated timber, that would not get stale despite repeating a lot.

But it turns out that I didn't even know how to draw wood, so all I have for you today is this dubious wooden cube

Tablet arrived yesterday. Discovered the airbrush today. Very good for outlining forms. It is too powerful. I fear the worst, that I've drawn the Ethics Comittee's attention. I've been seeing Cats.

(We've been watching Shinsekai Yori, show about a society adapted to Attack > Defense conditions. The Cats are talked up in the beginning, but you don't see them til later. They turned out to be less creepy than what was in my head, so I've been trying to get them out of my head)

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You'll never encounter THIS in a city. Some people say that it's important for sleep health for the night to have THIS, but I seem not to really need it these days.

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My friend jolly was going on a long cycle through the montreal countryside when they spotted THIS. They managed to take a photo of it. Absolutely chilling.

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Some good news:

A years-long project to develop a systematic way to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch finished an important test a couple of days ago. It removed a large amount of plastic. Like, so much that with about 15 additional copies of that test equipment, the entire patch could be cleaned in a few years.

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