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The main issue is that, specific objects will need to be referenced in the Way specifications... so they need unambiguous names. It might be interesting to have a social network where every object/reply must have a unique name/title within its scope, then we could do a filesystem path thing.. but then you can't really make object creation in the root scope permissionless, namespace abuse... and then nothing's permissionless, there'd be a gate on absolutely everything, it'd be like urbit

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I'm still thinking about the "Everything is an Object and Every Object Can Have Other Objects as Replies" concept. I think it would be a good testing bed for letting users decide how they structure and organize everything. But I can't think of a UI for specifying those ways that's simple enough that I'd wanna make it a website yet.

It's another system that should end up in Tasteweb, and Roam is already trying to evolve into being like that. But if we can test it on a small scale that'd be cool.

I've created a group called "Page Varmints", that will let us annotate any web page on the internet with our horrible comments.

Tasteweb would be like this for everyone, everywhere, all of the time, by default (with the obvious moderation problems mostly solved with webs of trust). So I'm hoping that if we run this experiment we'll find out whether that would be terrible.

You can join here:

hmm and additional reply relations can be added after a post is created?

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my stance on IRC is now

- I can use it again because my internet connection is more stable

- Lack of backlog is actually good, if you take it as an anti-lurker privacy-preserving feature. But you would have to start kicking the lurkers. If you're not using it that way then it's still just bad.

Forum where everything is an Object, and where an object's author can set the object's edit/view/reply permissions to users or sets of users, and you can reply to objects, and you can subscribe to have replies to an object land in any of your notification boxes, and that's it, that's the whole forum, that's all of its mechanics.

And then there's a Genesis Object spoken by Monad, and in its replies are categories of users and subforums and everything branches from there.

New desktop to remind me every day what kind of world this is

@argr the space marine's stern expression of disgust, classical

Did they bioengineer their supersoldiers to have receding hairlines deliberately or are balding genes part of the identity and duty of mankind

Weird job for some writers:

MIRI want a large dataset of stories annotated with the thoughts and reasoning of their authors, to train up AIs that are transparent about their reasoning. And they're paying out around 1,200,000USD for it.

Noticing that being unable to see likes from other instances on other peoples' toots has actually contributed to toxicity dynamics to me. Led me to misread certain conversations. Seeing no likes, I thought they were just unappreciative of some very reasonable, informative replies, which made them seem like unreachable narcissistic monsters, who will always punish any attempt at reconciliation.

Well there probably are a lot of narcissistic monsters here, but, maybe not as many as I thought!

I found the extremely red kimchi chili flakes. this is going to be a good one. Hopefully I remember to fridge it in the morning. It got too sour last time. Turns out that the closer you get to kimchi the more "too sour" is a quality that palps as incorrect.

trying to evaluate webassembly. Seems like it's just trying to be a safe portable compilation target. Seems cool and important. Are there any really strong arguments that we should *not* be creating an all-language all-platform package format oriented around it?
For instance, does it have any terrible performance limitations relative to platform-specific binaries that near-future WASM runtimes wont optimize out?

Apparently someone has gotten it running on a DS

wow, matrix prototyped a realtime chatforum

I can imagine this becoming strictly better than mastodon for me, I can also imagine it staying janky forever. Need to learn more.

The distributed moderation technology they're developing sounds admirable, seems like it's mainly about mollifying censors, but could conceivably evolve into an infrastructure for something pretty much as robust as web of trust moderation.

The website has the tagline "Just add land." Kind of funny. Like we can just grab some of that spare land that's lying around, as if the economics of urban land isn't the main cause of the problem.
No worries though, construction costs/emissions are also a big part of the problem and they're helping.

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I was going to skip this one, because I wasn't sure I liked the product. Watched because it was the Kasita guy (I've been wondering what he's been up to since that fell through). Glad I did, it's a good one. I recommend.

It also turns out that the roof part isn't built in, these could totally be stacked or tessellated with a different wall add-on, so, I like it, it seems like a good thing.

I regret the red blood type unicodes. Slipsy just posted "🅱️🆎🅱️🅾️" in group chat and I guess it possessed me. Glad this mutation was nonviable.

(I'm getting to know krita's smoothing thingy tool option. It's pretty nice)

Vaguely regret deleting my old deviantart account, seeing that some of the old faces kept theirs alive, all of this time, proud of them.

It couldn't be helped though.

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