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A drawing for a post about cosmological reproduction that I will hopefully have ready on april first

Of course, at this stage, I can barely read it at all.

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I've been working on something I'd call a "glance font", a font where the shapes of words and letters are simpler and highly pronounced. Hoping that this could raise limits on reading speed.

In theory, this font could be read by somewhat shallower neural nets and further in the low-detail peripheries of the eye. Since some aspects of reading are serial (words read earlier speeding the interpretation of later words), this could result in a speedup?

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@argr Few know this: Pinterest is actually extremely powerful. If you collect a few examples of a genre of image, it finds you 10 more. The genre doesn't have to have a name. I reached satiation on a pinterest about the specific aesthetic of artfully naked postorganic humanoids from the a game I was worldbuilding in 2015

The algorithm *knew what I was talking about*.

@argr would it be anything if we started a Space Marine pinterest.
Annihilation beast/mutationkult/postfurry geurilla force pinterest would probably end up being more visually interesting, but I just came across and want to file it somewhere

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@metkis Is there anything you are grieving that others too soon forget? Is there a game that you facilitate for others, but cannot yourself play? Have you ever loved the eternal, the universal, the necessary, which stands in opposition to the arbitrary, the transient, or the parochial?

No artist would ever knowingly use the deformed coordinate system, but I'm concerned that a lot of artists might be suffering it unknowingly right now.

They don't seem to believe me. It's been like this for so long that I think they need to hear a second opinion. @rek, @ritualdust your voices would be appreciated here:

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Gnome desktop does something absolutely horrible with tablets right now, the default aspect ratio isn't 1:1. It defaults to compressing the X or Y axis to fit the screen. This meant that for the first couple of months of having a tablet, I couldn't draw a circle, I didn't know why, I thought the problem was me.

It turns out it was because the desktop environment was deforming the coordinate system.

I can't imagine how bad this would be for someone learning to draw.

Some glaive. The blade was initially blue and glowy, hence the reflections on the knob. Should have made those a masked layer.

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You vs the Dragoon that The Vizeer told you not to worry about

(DA thinks they might be directing a semi-realtime actionpuzzle type game and although I burned out on making that type of entertainment content, I will try to support them with a few drawings)

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Hi everyone! I'm a programmer who is obsessed enough with cities that I started going to grad school for urban planning.

I'm interested in finding ways to make cities cleaner/more sustainable, especially when it comes to transportation. tl;dr, I'm all about making more space for people and less space for cars.

In my non work/study time I've recently started working on my own wiki/digital garden, which you can find here:

I'm very excited to be a part of merveilles!

("them" being sry, which I still recommend for prototype runs)

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why is their printer THIS off lol, the distinction between field and forest barely comes across

oops, mis-edited that, meant to be "about creating particular types of signals with your modular synths", I don't know whether it has your specific modular synths in it. it might

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Is anyone playing Signal State? It's kind of like a zacktronics game with your modular synths (I'm not playing, but I want to know if you are, for reasons)

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