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If you're reading this toot, my current profile picture is me in a mask hiding in a bomb shelter during an air raid alarm/siren.

Taken in Lviv, Ukraine on Feb 25, 2022.

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The contrast of being stressed about nuclear war one minute and having to talk about fun little design stuff for work the next minute is... a bit much as well :)

Ukraine war 

Ukrainian twitter is a bit "on edge" about the possibility of russia using nuclear warfare to break the tide of the war. Admitedly, it's always been around, but these past few days it's gone 0-100 *real* quick, and it's stressing me out.

Imma add this to the list of “projects I abandoned because I was in over my head and likely experiencing some sort of manic episode or something”

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Maybe it’s time to try my hand at writing a novel?
Been wanting to do it since I was a teen. Never really wrote anything other than two very “loosely scripted” short films and a short story.

Web 3? No thank you. Web 1.0 please.
Electric cars? No thank you. Light rails, trains, and bikes, please.
Ever faster computing devices? No thank you. Cleaner, leaner, and more minimalist software, please.

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I just generally think that if we want to make the internet (and the world?) better then "taking a few steps back" will get us there faster than endlessly trying to 'leap' forward.

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"Building a website from scratch, with hard-coded gif animations and a web-ring, is now part of the back-to-the-land tradition."

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So about that Twitter thing here:

- 2022-01: Twitter learns of a vuln allowing anyone to find the account a phone number or e-mail is connected to. They "had no evidence" of it being exploited, so they took their time.

- 2022-07: Fix is deployed. They still didn't tell anyone.

- 2022-08: Twitter learns it _was_ exploited, and a data dump is already on sale.

Sounds like a bog standard #security incident, but here's the kicker:

- 2022-03: #Russia invades #Ukraine.


Back in the day, twitter and tumblr were the best places to "experiment" with a new personality/vibe/hobby.

These days I feel like the best place for that is TikTok.

IDK if it classifies as PTSD (yet), but it's **really** annoying to have to paus movies/games/TV Shows any time there's a siren in them to check whether it's the movie or if I do, in fact, have to get dressed, pack my shit, and go down to the bomb shelter.

russia is a terrorist state.

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people used to, and i cannot stress this enough, visit new websites every single day

A year ago today I was in Amsterdam enjoying THE HELL out of my first trip in a long time (due to covid restrictions).
I was there for a month, working remotely, riding bikes, catsitting, and generally having a pretty good time.

Remote work and bike riding is still in the books this year, but I gotta say russians have straight up ruined everything.

Got like 3kg of peaches and nectarines last weekend. There's still a few left and my whole apartment smells like peaches. Loving it. 🍑 /🍑

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@ffsanton The tech itself was not great, and pricing was bad. I suspect people miss the boundary established by not having an always-online brick in your pocket. The right to be unavailable was informally ceded by the paradigm shift.

was that pager-pay phone era good, or am I just romanticizing it cuz that’s what i grew up around and also because cellphone addiction is rotting my brain?

No regrets (so far). Even though these aren't top-tier components, it's still the best bike *I've* ever owned. And it's a 1x gear system (easier maintenance)!

Also this is the Nora Vasconcellos custom color and she's a dope skater and so yeah... One good thing to be grateful for today.

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I spent forever choosing between all these different manufacturers and models, comparing price-to-component charts...

And ended up spontaneously buying this one because it's lilac and matte and I like it.

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