I spent forever choosing between all these different manufacturers and models, comparing price-to-component charts...

And ended up spontaneously buying this one because it's lilac and matte and I like it.

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No regrets (so far). Even though these aren't top-tier components, it's still the best bike *I've* ever owned. And it's a 1x gear system (easier maintenance)!

Also this is the Nora Vasconcellos custom color and she's a dope skater and so yeah... One good thing to be grateful for today.

@ffsanton siiick bike, love the color

idk anything about components, but this has a derailer, what does 1x gear mean?

@aynish I think I might have overdosed on videos about bike components 😆

1x means that there’s only one derailleur in the back and there’s no front derailleur.

@aynish also thank you! The color looks great! Even better IRL (i think).

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