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I am a flame, sometimes a pvmpkin.

I am an artist, designer, post production and vfx artist, colourist, and occasional software developer.

I have worked on videogames and feature films. Trying to work on a my own videogame and feature film.

I have made RAMMA, TAPE, FAERA, and DISPATCH. Working on various other things including UPPÁKOMA an events app for Iceland.

I am the founder of

does anyone know, in Blender how I might see the relative size of an object ? I changed the scale of something but it still reports 1.0

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work in progress on the DISPATCH access codes/key card with thanks to bruce for writing the barcode generator. I used my Atari game .bin as a data source to make some nice patterns. I wanted this to look like it was a keycard you'd slot into some computer terminal.

my good friend bruce wrote a tool in OPENRNDR to generate SoftStrips from external data and output .svg. I may have asked for this for something I am working on, and it also shows a great example of how OPENRNDR can be used to make tools.

@mntmn I had a random request from someone for desktop backgrounds for themes specific for Reform, apparently

accidentally discovered that 8bitworkshop has a tool called Dithertron that appears to be platform accurate image conversion and provides working source code in some cases. I worked out sort of workflow for cleanup.

Added new features to Tape including drag+drop sorting, multiline mixed case items, keyboard shortcuts for state changing.

Available for supporters now

ugh I just thought I was kicked out :<

Boardgamelab updated to their August Preview version. Now I can better represent the game, especially the room tile cards for DISPATCH playtesting !

Hardspace: Shipbreaker [Hardware trailer] (fan-made). I was inspired to make a trailer based on the audio from the original Hardware: Shipbreakers 2013 trailer.

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a bit more work on the event and item cards for the DISPATCH boardgame.

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