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Ó hæ—

I am a flame, sometimes a pvmpkin.

I am an artist, designer, post production and vfx artist, colourist, and occasional software developer.

I have worked on videogames and feature films. Trying to work on a my own videogame and feature film.

I have made RAMMA, TAPE, FAERA, and DISPATCH. Working on various other things including UPPÁKOMA an events app for Iceland.

I am the founder of

a bit more work on the event and item cards for the DISPATCH boardgame.

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Fortunæ codebase is now open for Alpha release. Tested on Windows, soon to be Linux and Mac. Feel free to PR.

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If you align with the work I am doing, and you have the means, you can support my independent research:

If I can reach ~1k USD per month, I can keep researching independently, indefinitely.

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is there someone here I may impose on for help integrating dat/hyperdrive into an existing application ?

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Also, not in the list because it's not a game but don't forget to try the project management software TAPE by our own @flame! You can even use it to organize the list of games of the bundle and be the coolest of all :cooldog:

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TAPE has hit 10,000 DOWNLOADS on @itchio ! ✨

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We're leaving Japan in the morning, to sail across the North Pacific ocean to Vancouver Island. We will be at sea for the next 7 weeks. You can track our position here:

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One fascinating thing about TAPE is that the themes are in SVG format.

The circles in the preview each have an ID that corresponds to a palette colour in the app. Using SVG enables you to get previews of what a theme looks like in macOS for instance, but without needing to install any special format stuff.

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