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Ó hæ—

I am a flame, sometimes a pvmpkin.

I am an artist, designer, post production and vfx artist, colourist, and occasional software developer.

I have worked on videogames and feature films. Trying to work on a my own videogame and feature film.

I have made RAMMA, TAPE, FAERA, and DISPATCH. Working on various other things including UPPÁKOMA an events app for Iceland.

I am the founder of

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okay, getting somewhere. May change the colours a bit later. It was a bit of work getting the gradient to work right, combining the sprite and getting it to touch the floor as it was hovering by a couple of lines. This is all bg, so still have playfield left—

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Redrew the acorn owl logo in Nasu and ran it on the NES emulator, it's pretty :>

a little bit of progress learning 6502 for Atari, managed to get a colour gradient. I think I have ended up with too many lines though so will have to rethink—

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Starting a live-coding session in about 15 minutes:

OBS-cli, a command-line remote control for OBS.

Join me here and say hello:

I got this from Electron running app.getPath("temp")

my question is, where does this temp folder come from, is it from the system or app specific and how careful do I need to be about clearing up anything I put in ?

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hey @johannesg would you want to check out this events app I am working on ?

(if you are on iOS)

((did I ask you before ?))

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