As of today the choices for JS focused web dev are to go through Microsoft (npm) or Facebook (yarn), and it makes me want to do neither.

I think it's time for me to learn about Elm, wasm, and whatever other non-big-tech methods seem intriguing.

@freedcreative Officially feel like a genius for having not yet learned JS :P

@dualhammers @freedcreative There is no pride in not having learnt anything. Javascript is tremendously useful to know, you don't need to use package managers when using javascript either. It's mostly something that exists to serve the nodeJS ecosystem.


@neauoire @dualhammers @freedcreative neither Facebook or Microsoft own or control Javascript, as far as I am aware

@flame @neauoire @dualhammers I really like JS in and of itself. It's become a do-everything language but for me it's really about the browser, and what you can do with it there is amazing. Game dev, media playback, visual effects for sites, it's actually quite incredible. It's just a shame it seems to be a target point for exploitation.

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