I am very excited to share this incredible new cover art for SOUL OF THE BEAST by @helveticablanc

@helveticablanc also BEAST type by @rutherford — incredibly grateful for how this came together

@flame @helveticablanc

holy shit

is there some sort of project being made relating to this game?

@flame @helveticablanc AS a musician I especially love when I see what I call graphical rhythm, dunno the real term for it. Kind of obsessed, with my limited artistic knowledge. I mean the two shapes on either side of the head unite to form a triple pulse of sight... a complementary pulse shadowing the legs & tail, too. I'm probably close to rattling excitedly about "this effect I like to call COLOR..." 😝

@wattdefalk @flame I love when other folks feel like how I do when I'm arranging the shapes! 🥰

@flame @helveticablanc Wow, I remember the original image fondly, my dad had the Amiga version and there was a t-shirt with the box. Seeing this merges ancient memories with the present, it’s a weird feeling. And it’s beautiful !

@helveticablanc @flame You’re welcome, keep up the great art! I like how you always manage to find a balance between aesthetics and symbolism. Here, it’s more figurative than your usual work, but even then, it has this mysterious, mystical vibe.

@ice @helveticablanc this is exactly what I hoped would happen, especially with regard to my feelings of the original game and the art that came with it. I couldn't do that myself so very happy I could find someone that could 🔥

@flame @helveticablanc I'd say it adds a new layer to the original artwork, which I always found oddly different yet complementary to the game, as if it expanded it, or showed a more cryptic and symbolic perspective on the game's world. It takes a bolder stance in the same way your demake pushes the original game boundaries by stripping it to its essence. That's a great collab!

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