I'm starting to see some people coming to learn 6502 and checking out minicube64—which is just wonderful !

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my docs are broken though, hopefully that will be fixed soon

@flame i still have this in my bookmarks for when i get around to playing with 6502 a bit more!

@flame I have one physical 6502 in my living room. For three days now! I'm excited

@flame I have to correct myself, it's not the original™ 6502, but 100% 6502 compatible 6510. I guess you can now imagine what machine it is? The one with a working 6581 and VIC II. I also have the datasette

@sirjofri that's fine, most of my experience so far is with the 6507 !

@flame thank you - was not aware of minicube64 until now - will read up on it...

@flame it's a godsend for people like me who are easily daunted! I appreciate your hard work!! 🙇‍♂️

@milofultz @flame you're learning 6502?! nice, best way to break into assembly :D

@neauoire @flame I think I remember reading your post with someone else where you mentioned that 6502 was a simple way to get in, and this was while I was trying to learn MASM. It took essentially no effort to get me to jump ship hahaha

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