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Hello, my friends!

I am known as [[flancian]] elsewhere; within the town of [[merveilles]], though, you can think of me just as a [[flaneur]] (spelled as you like).

I use [[wikilinks]] a lot; they are an integral part to my project, the [[agora]], which is a social [[distributed knowledge graph]] -- by the people and for the people. Whenever you see an unresolved wikilink in my writing, you can optionally resolve it by visiting

The question is not whether you join an international revolution, but which one you join.

There's three current I'm aware of:

[[fourth international]]
[[fifth international]]
[[sixth international]]

Which others are there out there?
RT @flancian
I'm hereby calling for a revolution

Everything is lagging all the time. It's really rather weird.

I have three computers, and all of them just lag when I'm trying to context switch/type/browse.

In the [[agora]] you'll find my [[ta eis heauton]].

@flaneur Building a few apps on a virtual machine right now, trying to learn how to code on a stack machine :)

@flaneur @neauoire i'll definitely implement vessels to provide a translation path between noocene stuff and the agora(s)? I'm not sure what term you like to use for the confluence of many agoras or whether the agora is that term for all of them.

The agora could be a social network with typed entities; some nodes are shell functions. You can click through and import one into your shell.

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Currently my matrix is

On mastodon I'm on and here in [[merveilles]].

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Should I run [[mastodon]] and [[matrix]] servers of my own or is it OK to depend exclusively on those of a group?

Does it matter if said group is [[cooperative]] or a for profit corporation, for example?

I never know how nuts I am. Am I nuts?

An [[agora]] is a device to maintain [[url space]] as a community.

The truest path is that to which you commit yourself truly free

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I follow the [[bodhisattva]] path, AMA.

Do you follow any paths?

When I visit [[merveilles]], I feel as if I'm in a character.

Am I the only one?

Citizens of [[merveilles]]: if you are annoyed by my boosting of @flancian, please reach out. I'd be glad to adjust my behaviour if the community desires it.

Me digo mientras programo: "soy un pelotudo"

Yields today this far:

- 1 friend, [[pfrazee]]
- 1 convergence, [[new url scheme]]
- 2 compositions, [[auto]] [[pull]] and [[stoa]] [[pull]]
- 1 bad poem, [[loas]]

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Merveilles is a community project aimed at the establishment of new ways of speaking, seeing and organizing information — A culture that seeks augmentation through the arts of engineering and design. A warm welcome to any like-minded people who feel these ideals resonate with them.