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@coconut_noodle Disclaimer: I fully support pushing seeds into any cracks you find in buildings or pavements.

Also, sowing edible wild flowers all over city parks and other peoples gardens.

Also, ripping up pavements.

Also, burning down buildings.

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I listened to the sorrows of wise-men and sages, sighed with a flourish. Regrets thrived amongst that last throng of learned men.

Can't believe I left the crunchy little mangetout out of the image description.

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The home of the heart-sick this hollow world.

Still no windows, but it's warm enough that we can pretend we have a functioning room. Using gifted chairs and an old table rescued from the barn.

For comparison, this is one of the paths before I cleared it. It was open until two weeks ago when the greenery swept in and swallowed it.

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Spent today slicing through the edge of with my trusty sickle.

I should have done this last month, before the paths disappeared in the overgrowth.

A voice as cool and damp as verdant mosses, spreading in abundance over forest floors.

With remembrance comes rupture. Incantation tripping from tongue-tip curled in exultation.

On my knees, spine bent reedy, face buried in the tall grass. Deafened by the thrumm of drumming beetles. Blinded by the mists rising from rich soils.

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