Björketorp Runestone.
Rundata: DR 360.

Images via: Swedish Open Cultural Heritage.


Bösarp Runestone.
Rundata: DR 258.

Images via: Swedish Open Cultural Heritage.

@zens It could be, it's similar to the Snaptun Stone which we think could be an image of Loki. Key words here are "think" and "could", because there's little evidence to attest to Loki as a feature of a pantheistic Nordic faith. Unlike other gods he doesn't seem to have had any cults attached to him.

Unfortunately we know very little about pre-Christian Nordic paganism. We can't say for certain if any of the Norse gods were very important. Most popular ideas don't form until the 19th Century.

@zens As an aside, most runestone inscriptions translate to something along the lines of, "My name is Sven. I put up this stone. I have a great beard."

@flatmountain could it be that loki was someone you *did not* want to invite anywhere? i read a history that seemed to trace “boogey man” back to loki.

@zens Alas this comes back to not knowing enough! There's almost no pre-Christian evidence of Loki to tell us what people thought of Loki. They don't become a central figure in the Norse mythology until Snorri's Edda in the 13th Century, and these stories are only one interpretation of an oral history, recorded by a Christian after a time of huge Christian syncretism. It's likely Loki was influenced by Lucifer/Satan at this point, with some thinking that Loki was entirely a Christian invention.

@zens Also, the idea of Loki as a "trickster god" emerges in the 19th Century, after studying the Norse mythology became a popular pursuit. Some historians think it's accurate but many don't agree. The problem is that even in the literature we do have, Loki has few defining characteristics, which makes it difficult to say anything for certain about them. But this also means that people can interpret Loki pretty much however they want, which also means a LOT of books claiming a LOT of things!

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