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Hello everyone, I'm flbr, a student living in the east bay interested in computer science, watchmaking (well, watch-designing at this point), and sustainable design.

I've got a small website at where I talk about projects I'm working on, and you can find those projects at (soon to be moved to

I'm excited to be a part of such a creative and supportive community, and I look forward to learning more!

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food question, boost + 

I know there are lots of posts online but I'm looking for very easy food to cook, as cheap as possible but still healthy.

Do you guys have quick ideas (pasta sauces ? vegetables ? canned food that goes well together, or like fresh easy food)

Boost really really appreciated 💙

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Idea: guy named Mehdi starts a feta cheese company. He also sets up a corporate Mastodon server for advertising his cheese. Then we have fedi meta about Mehdi's feta

Does anyone know how to go about adding a label-type thing to a code element in css/html? Something like this:

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I still need to work on the paddings and margins, but I'm happy with how my tools page is coming along!

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discussing racist language in the FOSS scene 

@hierarchon @neauoire @tindall @shoofle Glam is amazing, I’m in!

Let’s do this. 😀 I’ll start:

Well, my solution probably isn't the greatest, but my site[1] now has a sorta-accurate visitor counter! It's pretty hacky and just based on unique IPs, and it might break in a minute, but it's up for now :D


Hi all! I’ve been looking through the access logs of my server, and I’d love to match IPs/locations to faces, so if you feel comfortable with it feel free to let me know where you’re all from :D

Here are some locations I’ve seen IPs from:
- St. Petersburg, Russia
- São Paulo, Brazil
- Seattle WA, US
- Mountain View CA, US
- Catalonia, Spain
- Moscow, Russia
- Glenwood Springs CO, US
- Quincy WA, US
- Cheyenne WY, US
- Phoenix AZ, US
- Diemen, Netherlands
- Guangzhou, China
… and a lot more :)

Does anyone know what these monitors are called? I know they’re Sony trinitrons, but that’s a pretty wide range of products. One forum[1] which shows up mentions the name VFM-056WP, but doesn’t have any pictures to confirm that that’s the correct name. I love the look of it, and I’m interested in doing more research, so any information would be great!


The more I learn about web design the more confused I get XD

I've been trying to get a floating sidebar on my site, and I... sort of have it working. The sidebar does move to the top when the page is too small (not on the phone though), it stays vertical?

I'm also seeing some annoying height misalignments between the sidebar and main content in horizontal mode, and width issues in vertical mode.

@thomasorus do you have a diagnosis for the above problems by any chance?

hehe, I was looking through "Every Layout" (, opened the inspector, and saw this:

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It’s absolutely enormous! (And once completed, the largest climbing gym in the world!)

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If you’re in the East bay, I highly recommend pacific pipe climbing gym!

I love micro, which has been my primary text editor for more than a year now, but every once in a while I'd like a few more fancy features, like a decent file viewer

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I'm not sure if such a thing exists, but does anyone know of a terminal text editor with ide-like capabilities (similar to neovim), but with sane keybindings and no modal editing (like micro)?

@neauoire I'm not sure if there's actually a difference, but do you know why the sources link on your uxn page links to a srht repo without a clone link, but the source link on your uxnemu page does?

Oh boy, the college I’ve been admitted to has a free Microsoft Office™ subscription for students! I can’t wait to use all of Microsoft’s wonderful products! /s

I’ve been really stuck on installing clang and llvm, does anyone have any resources for how to clean install llvm 12?

Another good one I found: “There are no restrictions on the order in which space is freed, but it is a ghastly error to free something not obtained by calling `calloc` or `malloc`”

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