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Hello everyone, I'm flbr, a student living in the east bay interested in computer science, watchmaking (well, watch-designing at this point), and sustainable design.

I've got a small website at where I talk about projects I'm working on, and you can find those projects at (soon to be moved to

I'm excited to be a part of such a creative and supportive community, and I look forward to learning more!

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I just opened the stickers I got from 100r, and they're lovely! Thank you @neauoire and @rek !

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If anyone is looking for a difficult platformer, Daniel Linssen's "Javel-ein" is very fun, if a bit maddening

And with some more help and explanations, my notes on the hello world example are now relatively complete!

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I just published some of my notes on uxn (! It's definitely a case of the blind leading the blind, but it's helpful to better understand it :>

I am deep down the rabbit hole of people playing the Bad Apple music video on weird displays

It's a small thing, but I'm excited to start using them in some of my projects

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I finally made some terminal progress bars in vanilla rust!

You know, I’m actually not really missing the status bar so far!

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I am enjoying both @mrus 's tui mastodon client and the "Simple" Opinionated Window Manager right now. I'm liking the (very) minimal look, but I may get tired of not having *any* status bars and install polybar or something XD

Ahhh, I finally made a webring icon I'm semi happy with :D

I learned a valuable lesson today. If I don't have any specific plans at night, I should just go to sleep. While I don't feel terrible in the morning if I stay up, it's so much nicer to go to sleep early and wake up with more time in the day.

I really should have figured that out a while ago, but oh whale

I am very much enjoying Meshuggah right now!

Well I just shut myself out of my pi for the rest of the week. How are your Mondays going?

I'm really struggling for some reason to set the time in plan9 without internet access :(

I've been listening to more Meshuggah recently, and the 23/16 drum beat (meter?) in "Bleed" is wild :D

I've been really enjoying using Lieu as my primary browser for the past week, so huge thanks to @cblgh !

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