I've been thinking of moving most of my internet content consumption over to an rss/links combination, but I haven't been able to find a solid terminal rss feed reader!

snownews is pretty good, but just feels... a bit jank? I realize ncurses *is* pretty scuffed, but it doesn't really resize properly, has weird color artifacts every once in a while, and is just feels a bit off to me. I'd love to hear if anyone has recomendations for programs that fit the tui-rss-reader bill!

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Have you looked at newsboat which succeeded newsbeuter?

@RyunoKi I have not, thank you! that looks good, I'll check it out :3

@RyunoKi it's pretty cool! I got launching videos with mpv and yt-dlp working well, and now I'm seeing if I want to try and render images in the terminal :>

@flbr have you tried newsboat? i've been using it as my goto feed reader for years

@detondev someone just recommended it, it looks really cool so far! Have you tried image rendering in newsboat? (this thing:

@flbr you're own your own with that one, i just open up and/or download any images

@detondev yeah, I'll probably end up just doing that anyway!

@flbr newsboat was what I was using but too many of my rss feeds are just images lol

@flbr I have answer for you, but I don't think you'll be happy - emacs elfeed. Combine this with built in eww browser (has amazing reading mode) and it's my go to solution for RSS consumption.
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