I went on a hike with some friends earlier tonight, and got a cool photo of a light through trees (dithered, because why not?)

My corne keyboard is finished! Now for a lot of typing practice :D

Work on my corne is ongoing; each keycap needs to be individually cut out with a razor and sanded down to fit the key caps. With some music it’s actually a very calming experience!

Does anyone know how to go about adding a label-type thing to a code element in css/html? Something like this:

Does anyone know what these monitors are called? I know they’re Sony trinitrons, but that’s a pretty wide range of products. One forum[1] which shows up mentions the name VFM-056WP, but doesn’t have any pictures to confirm that that’s the correct name. I love the look of it, and I’m interested in doing more research, so any information would be great!

[1] tvlogicusa.com/Library/boardPr

hehe, I was looking through "Every Layout" (every-layout.dev), opened the inspector, and saw this:

I just opened the stickers I got from 100r, and they're lovely! Thank you @neauoire and @rek !

I just finished "The Queen's Gambit" (super good, highly recommend) and I noticed the end credits had a distinctly Merveilles aesthetic going on!


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