Does anyone have experience with vscode(ium) custom syntax files? I've got a custom extension working, but I have a couple issues.

First is that I'm not sure where to find documentation for the 'whatever.tmLanguage.json' syntax and includes (like or ).

The other is I'm not sure how to get the extension to reload; when I make a change to the syntax file vscode doesn't seem to reload the extension

@unsuspicious thank you, this is the best thing I've seen all week XD

@raeaw Hi, sorry for the follow request out of nowhere! I've just enjoyed seeing some of the people I follow boost your posts and I figured I'd just follow you directly :D

racket lets you switch bindings in place?!?!

(let ([me "tarzan"]
[you "jane"])
(let ([me you]
[you me])
(list me you)))
prints out '("jane" "tarzan")

I was just thinking about a little plugin to display the contents of a file in a code box on my website (for my vscode with racket page[1]) and I think I might write it *in* racket :>


Wow that took a while! still lots of fun though

Wordle 201 5/6


There are also some things which just don't seem to be used, like boxes?

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I mean really, what is this madness!?

`(foldl (λ (elem v) (+ v (* elem elem))) 0 '(1 2 3))`

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Agh, racket is so weird and cool! Having never learned a functional language before, racket is super wild :D

Just finished my basic VSCode config for use with racket, and an explanation of what I did here:

@oppen azuracast looks really interesting! Unfortunately doesn't support arm processors for self-hosting :(

@cblgh Yeah, I've really been enjoying it! Also very excited for the forum you've been working on :D

@tuturto based on my 15 minutes of messing around with it, so far it seems pretty neat!

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