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Saluton! My name is Flip, I slap a keyboard until interesting things happen

I am learning Esperanto (for only about a year now), I play and DM tabletop roleplaying games, I'm the good kind of anarchist, I fiddle with old hardware, and I dream of retiring as a cactus farmer

Anyone here a fan of 2x2s? I'm thinking about making either a canvas or gnuplot boilerplate for generating them... if you know something I don't know, now would be the time!

“Wat is je probleem?” is the only Dutch phrase I know, so I will undoubtedly be very well received when visiting the Netherlands

Relatedly, I'd love to have just one chapter of a book available to me indefinitely and the other 95% doesn't mean anything to me

What if your neighborhood library included a series of consoles and printers and if you wanted to read a book, you'd just print the first chapter or two, then come back to print out the rest when you're ready, keep for yourself or keep communally when you're done

I tend to use the arguments “life is too short” and “life is too long” for a great deal of my reasoning

I’m for procrastination because life is too short to spend it doing things you don’t want to

I’m against being an asshole because life is too long and eventually you get everything you want and then it’s boring

I have much better articulated multi-faceted arguments for both of these positions, but my brain is a sucker for bringing mortality into the conversation

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“It’s much easier to integrate a lunch counter than it is to guarantee a livable income and a good solid job. It’s much easier to guarantee the right to vote than it is to guarantee the right to live in sanitary, decent housing conditions. It is much easier to integrate a public park than it is to make genuine, quality, integrated education a reality.”


If you can't say "fuck yes", you should be saying "fuck no"

Noon hypnopompic
Rat mouse rat mouse jamais vu
Keep it together

And I’m a smart person! Trouble is, I’m also a dumbass

This is my leading example of why no one should do anything alone... the first time my wife saw it, it was obvious to her but I’d been oblivious for months

A couple years back, for about three months I took an allergy relief for pets supplement

Before realizing it wasn’t for pet allergies but “for pets”

No people can be free while dependent for their bread

Yesterday I asked about retirement and received many responses about wanting to work forever

Today I was cleaning out my wiki and found an article I needed to read again

Merveilles, what are your plans for retirement? Have you saved money? Did someone give you money? How do you plan to ever stop working in this hell world?

I have galaxy brained an idea for how I want to use Notion going forward, but I have not determined if Notion can handle what I'm thinking

One of my anti-goals for 2020:

I don't want to learn another programming language... and I don't want to write code in my spare time unless I'm really excited about the thing I'm making, like no academic coding

@cblgh I'm experimenting with my own pomodoro planning system based on yours, thank you!

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