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Saluton! My name is Flip, I slap a keyboard until interesting things happen

I am learning Esperanto (for only about a year now), I play and DM tabletop roleplaying games, I'm the good kind of anarchist, I fiddle with old hardware, and I dream of retiring as a cactus farmer

Capitalism is the same everywhere. In order to survive and prosper it needs a permanent situation of partial scarcity: it needs it to maintain its prices and to create hungry masses to work under any conditions.

Errico Malatesta

See how it says master branch there? That's fucked up, going to go fix it right this second

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Wanted to bake bread but it was already dark out for five hours, so I thought I'd do computer things, and I did get around to working on something, but mostly I just reconfigured superficial things

selfie, eye contact 

I took this dumb selfie for you because I have to see my face every day so you should have to see it at least once a year

I'm going to start making ramen on the weekends and I'm stoked about it

Anyone have a lead on tiling wallpapers circa System 4?

I think my great accomplishment this year was the abandonment of ambition

2021 is the year in which, after I do some preliminary work to fix my guts, I work with a nutritionist to return to veganism and I’m excited for it

The difference between Linux and Windows or MacOS is that on Linux I have to run a script to switch between WiFi and LAN but it isn’t going to just switch back out of nowhere in the middle of a call with no explanation

Thinking about how the people who are anti-mask are the same people who were anti-reusable straw/bag and how the only change is that their “don’t tell me what to do” went from being long-term dangerous to short-term

Doc says I need more fiber or they’re going to take my butt away, favorite smoothie recipes please!

Dang, I think I've convinced myself that personal websites are not of interest to me?

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What do you call an age like this one where the world creates with abandon, no consideration given to whether the creation is good or worth the materials?

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I think "what if internet, but good" is one of the most interesting questions right now. What if there were good personal sites? What if there were good communities? What if there good learning tools?

Seeing people talking about CDs and DVDs (and not BluRays yet), so here’s your reminder: Sony gets a cut for every disc and case... if you’re me, it’s not worth it

Sometimes I close tabs or remove to dos as a means of giving myself permission to not let someone continue taking up space in my head

It’s difficult but liberating

I took a post that bored me and yeah somehow managed to express some of my more perpetual feelings. Pretty good

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Blackout curtains or steal the neighbor’s lightbulbs?

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