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Saluton! My name is Flip, I slap a keyboard until interesting things happen

I am learning Esperanto (for only about a year now), I play and DM tabletop roleplaying games, I'm the good kind of anarchist, I fiddle with old hardware, and I dream of retiring as a cactus farmer

Still iterating on this game idea, I feel like the cover is in a good place though

Oof, pretty sure my final RC interview did _not_ go well

Work like you're sick to death of people telling you to work like you don't need the money

Now I’m also thinking I should write a doc of what you can and shouldn’t do with fp in TypeScript

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Sooo Go was suggested but it doesn’t seem good for fp to me

Swift and Rust don’t seem good for fp either, but Swift is forward thinking and Rust gets you error-proof

I’d be interested in hearing arguments for Go, but the whole Google thing is a big strike against it for me... that’s part of why I want to get away from JavaScript even

I’m also considering Elixir now

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By leftovers I mean the bits of the veggies that I cut off and like the peels and stuff, not like a prepared dish

Should I be cooking for the deers?

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I write TypeScript for work. JavaScript is the language with which I am most familiar, but I also write Haskell and Swift

I'm trying to pick a new language that is typed (but not in the way TypeScript is), fast, supported, compiles to wasm, and is quick to hack in (I want to create full apps without all the (tooling and otherwise) overhead of working in Node)

Taking suggestions. Thinking about both Rust and Swift, want to make sure I'm not missing anything

Had my first interview for the Recurse Center, now I think I will incessantly refresh my inbox

All of my fiction is inspired by or based on Forgetting Sarah Marshall

What happens when Google dies? Are they going to destroy your emails and search history or hand them over to the highest bidder?

Never done a mandala before

The yellow is a lot, but that’s what it wanted

Feeling very unsmart today for forgetting to put a border on these prints

Working on a lisp parser because I’m optimistic I’ll be asked to do the pair programming interview for RC

Any suggestions for alternatives where I can own my data?

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