Watched this anime called BLAME last night and then had weird dreams. I think I liked it? The story and characters were meh but it seemed like the goal was world building and it excelled there

Next step for this is to remove some of the color and rely on grayscale for everything that isn’t character related... the idea being that I can then introduce colors and patterns to signify characters... there will be *many* characters in play at once

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“Show this less” or “do this less” is a fucking nightmare dark pattern. Don’t do it AT ALL, computer! I’m not making suggestions. Just do what I tell you.

Healing Rage: Women Making Inner Peace Possible by Ruth King is a diss track targeting me in the form of a book

“Partly cloudy” is a horrible expression. Are you hungry? Oh I’m partly hungry. Partly. Just say “some clouds” look I saved you two syllables and now it makes sense and doesn’t feel like you’re trying to drive the world mad

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Randomly decided to look at the Beksinski website today and found this piece titled Quarantine. One of my favorite artists. Also seems to be a bunch of things I've never seen on there before. Wish I could go to visit the museum in Poland.

My new trick is acknowledging that an area needs work, documenting my current approach in that area, then exploring the exact opposite of my approach and several points in between... kind of too effective, op thinking move

Also Shaolin Kungfu’s maneuver names are amazing... A Black Tiger Steals the Heart? Hell yeah it does

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Today I’ve been doing my functional strength training, learning some tai chi chuan, and thinking about how to put a fishing mini game in a tabletop rpg

After I learn everything there is to know about the local climate and soil and...

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My mind works like this:

It’s time to start a fire?
Cool, I’ll go plant a tree

Lately I’ve been discovering new ways I’ve held myself back with perfectionism... it’s quite a journey

But one of the things I haven’t done due to perfectionism is start a business, so it’s not all bad...

Woodworking or I mean... NFT? Venmo me $20 and then you’ll be able to right click save as

What's your favorite cryptid and why is it me?

Be the change you want to taste in the world?

Removing “capitalism” from my vocabulary in favor of “Mickey Mouse bullshit”

Contemplating how it’s near impossible to find community today, and there’s only one person I know who affords me challenging conversation, social capital, unilateral support, and can be available any time I am – and that’s me

And oops we’re back at individualism

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