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Got my
- twin
- doppelgänger
- clone
- replicant
- time travel paradox
- parallel universe variant
- imitating shapeshifter

Who are we missing?

Switched from alerts to sheets today even though the alert paradigm makes more sense… sheets work better

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Today I've been working on my PKM app (starting to wonder if other people might actually want to use it when it's done...) and doing some bookmaking and getting upset about knots and I'm really looking forward to playing Return to Monkey Island this evening

What are you up to? How was your weekend?

I have yet to figure out the byzantine world of printer settings, so I got this print that isn’t going to work for a full booklet situation but decided to make a book block anyway for practice and stuff!

I think fps gameplay peaked with Halo 2 and fps visuals peaked with Doom

Stubbed out the remaining features… making lots of progress yay

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I have fibromyalgia and I have a new way of describing what that’s like 

It’s like being sprayed with a hose every moment of every day

I’m trying to have a conversation with my wife but I’m being sprayed with a hose. I’m trying to get comfortable and sleep but I’m being sprayed with a hose. I’m trying to go for a walk but I’m being sprayed with a hose

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is a show now on Channel 4 and I’m so full

Might do some 3D graph visualization for my PKM app? Stress testing

Experiencing a very intense deja vu today, please explain

"There was a time when academia was society's refuge for the eccentric, brilliant , and impractical. No longer. It is now the domain of professional self-marketers. As for the eccentric, brilliant, and impractical: it would seem society now has no place for them at all."

– David Graeber, 2016

Sometimes a job calls for a square knot but you’re like “I’m not a square, I’m a surgeon”

I need to make a decision about whether I should include a markdown library or just put things together from scratch… I am *well aware* that markdown is more difficult to implement than it can seem

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