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Saluton! My name is Flip, I slap a keyboard until interesting things happen

I am learning Esperanto (for only about a year now), I play and DM tabletop roleplaying games, I'm the good kind of anarchist, I fiddle with old hardware, and I dream of retiring as a cactus farmer

I'm becoming more convinced that regardless where you go, the majority of people will be amplifying the mundane, self-satisfying detritus of the obnoxiously mediocre

If you have ideas to make the flowing water better, let me know! Please!

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Meant to work on vegetation, reworked water instead

Now I’m flood filling the ocean (so inland spaces can be lower than sea level without being lakes) and rivers are being generated now as well

The rivers need some tuning

I’m just gonna say it... Ted Lasso may well be one of the best television shows ever made

Maybe this is better? Still need to figure out how to establish vegetation (have some bad ideas) and how to represent it (even worse ideas)

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I have to keep reminding myself with this project that realistic isn’t worth much and neither is reasonable... it’s more a matter of interestingness

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I feel like this would be a fun world to explore... what do y’all think?

Next step would be adding in biomes... spreading some trees about and whatnot

So many things here need to change. The world is meant to be a flat square with ice around the edges, so there’s that. And then there should be more higher elevations... and maybe various biomes. Then smattering things like cities and forests about maybe

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Terrain generation has been challenging... if I change one value by hand, I end up having to change another ten values by hand but okayyyyy

Someone's a regular Linus Torvalds just without the talent or vision

FOX-2 really sounds like a news station. Should have anticipated that before naming my desktop FOX-1

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After about an hour of keyboard repair, I started getting the PBP to a workable state

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Pinebook Pro seems to have disintegrated in the post... everything seems fine except like twenty keys came off the keyboard and a few of them seem entirely broken

Taking some time to work on a personal project... instead of writing *code* I've just been writing *types* and it's going pretty great so far

But I do have my suspicions. And those suspicions amount to fuck the bourgeoisie

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I don’t understand how some people make it to adulthood and still don’t preface things with “I think”, “Perhaps”, and “In my experience”

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