So here’s my two pieces of advice for anyone who thinks they might want to do crosswords:

1. Check out Caleb Madison. He respects your intellect and time, and he will make you smile

2. Avoid anything Will Shortz puts his name on because he is completely out of touch with reality and that’s not your problem

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Getting into crosswords (I’ve done ~100 in the past month) has reminded me that we’ve allowed the meaning of the word “hard” to become muddled to utter uselessness

Some crosswords are hard because they’re poorly executed. These puzzles make you do a blinking guy before staring off into the distance. The New York Times is an example

Some crosswords are hard because they’re challenging. These puzzles make you smile when you discover the answer. The Atlantic is an example

What do you do after complete saturation, sustained ego death? I’ve had no motivation for over a year now… still doesn’t feel right


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