Okay, so this thing is nearing completion. It's part of a larger project and that's still very much in progress, but I would truly appreciate any and all feedback on this

What does it make you think or feel? What does it remind you of? Do you like it? Does it run okay on your hardware? Do I need to better attend to particular display dimensions? What else do you want to say?

Your feedback would be so greatly appreciated

Boosting because more feedback would be more better

@flip I love it. It runs fine on my iPhone 8 (or is this a 7?) and laptop. I would like to see more nodes.

I see shapes forming behind the colours, like a depth map. It’s really cool.

@whtrbt Thank you for the kind words!

I can run this number of nodes at 60fps and then constrain it to 30fps so that more folks can run it without overheating their devices

If I try many more nodes, it quickly drops to a maximum of 30 fps and fans come on

I've found exactly one feature that I could drop to make up for having more nodes, and it's just not worth it to me... still exploring optimization though

@flip it’s a bit like an animated Starry Night actually.

@whtrbt yeah! That was one of inspirations going in... Van Gogh style with a Goya palette

@whtrbt @flip haha the first thing I thought of was Starry Night as well!

@flip je l'aime vraiment! Très hypnotique! I also have an iPhone 7 and it runs very well in my mobile browser.

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