I started working on a ttrpg system because systems like D&D, Pathfinder, Fate, Apocalypse, whatever... they’re all based on exceptional people in remarkable worlds. They focus on combat and prefer/supernatural abilities, so regardless of the stories you want to tell, the lens is fixed

I want a realistic world with realistic characters where players can experiment with choices they might make in the real world

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@flip whenever I want a "normal power level" rule set, I use Call of Cthulhu, which is very easy to extend. the rules are not super deep but they are great at conveying that you should avoid violence at all cost unless you are ready to get maimed, or die instantly.

Sounds like GURPS, if you're looking for "oh yeah, of course there's a rule for that" level of verisimillitude.

@nosimpleway quite the opposite – I’m developing a system that a player can play once and then facilitate a game without ever having read the manual

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