Merveilles, what are your plans for retirement? Have you saved money? Did someone give you money? How do you plan to ever stop working in this hell world?

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@flip retirement? I hope I never get tired of doing the things I do. I can't see myself doing anything else than my daily musings, when I do, I will die.

@neauoire I don’t mean retirement from doing things, I mean retirement from working so that you can afford to eat and so on

@flip they are intertwined for me. Maybe I retired when I quit my last full time job many years ago. I could never do that again, it would kill me.

@neauoire that is very far from my reality – I have to worry about creating value in the eyes of others or I don’t get to eat

@flip I think that's the case for most people who work for bosses and clients. In the end, none of the goods you create thoughout your life are yours and you are left with nothing. I hope you find a way out of this maze, our generation is totally fucked.

@neauoire the thing is, I don’t want a boss but I also don’t want to concern myself with making a profit

There is no ethical creation under late capitalism

We can choose our best paths, but we can’t pretend any of the paths are good

@neauoire @flip I have had a hard road in part because I refused to return to the old of not knowing what I do and make. This current freelance job seems an ideal compromise, but it's still a compromise.

Hopefully it can also be a springboard to my own financially sustainable output, but that path isn't clear yet.

Everything else I agree with Devine. I never want to be doing nothing.

@dualhammers @neauoire @flip I'm a pessimist in this regard. The notion of "retirement" seems unrealistic because it is hard for me to imagine the status quo lasting long enough for that to be a thing. Without knowing how things will change, it's hard to know what any equivalent might be or mean.

@grey @dualhammers @neauoire yeah, I hear you. I’m a pessimist but an optimist as well – maybe socialism

@flip @dualhammers @neauoire On the optimist side: There isn't a future where we don't need people who want to make and build things, no matter their age or experience. So long as I am physically able, that's what I want anyway.

@dualhammers @neauoire I honestly can’t wait to do nothing. There is so much more to life than work

@flip @neauoire To be fair, nothing is almost always something. We are taught to call it nothing because it lacks monetary value in a strictly capitalist sense.


bitcoin and silver 😉

more seriously I'd like to build a solarpunk eco-village and i'll probably be working on that until I die.

@flip I'll always be working on and doing things I enjoy (should my health permit it) I hope! As far as money etc is concerned I am saving up and doing as much as I can such as investing, utilising Kiwisaver (New Zealand's 401K, which is actually a fantastic system over here imo) but still trying to do the things that I enjoy ^^

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