Completed the first draft of a new game, Waves, presented as an eight panel zine

I’ll be starting a new “studio” (I don’t know) for the release of this game

This game will be free to download, maybe I’ll mail you one for a buck

Planning to make all of my games, zines, and visual art available at approximately cost

Will I do a sponsor thing or accept donations? That’s a fun thing I’m going to be mulling over for a while

If you have thoughts on the subject, share them maybe?

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I guess I bring it up because I don’t want to offer rewards. I want that stuff to be free as well

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@flip What about if you had your zines, art books etc as pay-what-you-want with cost price as the minimum?

That way it gives people who want a way to support your work a means to do so, while allowing you to keep everything accessible at the same time.

@freedcreative absolutely, that’s the leading idea right now

But I’m also entertaining the idea that subscriptions would enable some to contribute more regularly without forgetting... I don’t know. Maybe I just need a newsletter and a tip jar

@flip How about if you just put out all the possible options and wait to let people choose which ones they like most?

@freedcreative that’s an interesting maximalist strategy. I’m hesitant to try it because the bookkeeping sounds rough, but I’m going to consider it!

@flip I haven't tried that philosophy yet myself, but I was listening to the lead maintainer of Neovim talk about using an evolution / genetics model to make decisions, i.e. you throw as many options as possible out into the world and see what thrives or finds a niche home.

I think there's merit to the concept of modelling after nature, so it sounded like a good idea.

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