If you’re setting resolutions or goals for the new year, I’d like to hear them!

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@flip write as often as possible. make my partner lunch for their workday as consistently as I can.

@inscript nice! Anything particular you want to write? Any fun food themes to explore while making lunch?

@flip Just want to keep the writing muscle limber, may build up a sample or two to send elsewhere. No idea about meal prep, but we were just gifted an air fryer and rice cooker so those will come in handy!

@jameschip nice! If only you could find a way to combine the two…

@flip I want to learn the history of Canada. I'd love to go north and see an aurora borealis. I want to try chicory coffee. I want to repair my winter coat which is falling to pieces. I want to write a NES emulator.

@neauoire nice! An NES emulator for uxn? What’s the appeal of chicory coffee?

@flip Yeah, I've started doing babysteps into emulation in uxn and it's endless fascinating to me for some reason.

I've heard that chikory is an alternative to coffee that tastes a bit more nutty, it has been on my to-try list for a long time, like Lion's mane was, just recently. It's one of these things, like getting familiar with carob as an alternative to cacao.

@neauoire chicory in coffee is very common in a few parts of the US. If it’s not available to you, I’m happy to send some your way

@flip thanks! I know of one place where I can buy it here, first thing when the stores open up again, I'll buy some :)

@neauoire I also hope to see the Aurora Borealis in 2022. It’s a bucket list item for me

@flip i've done Depth Year in 2021, exploring what i already know/do and finish things from a backlog instead of starting new stuff. it wasn't very strict, but it was fruitful, especially when it comes to limiting consumption.

in 2022 i'm aiming for a Year of Failure, which might be an opposite:
- trying hard things and experiencing some degree of failure
- becoming comfortable with shame, guilt, uncertainty and incompetence through exposition
- positive failure, like in pushups until failure

@tomasteck nice! I adopted two mantras in 2021 which might be helpful: fail every day and don’t finish the day with nothing

@flip record a music album, improve my website, make videos of project kit builds, do a drawing series.

@tendigits nice! How will you improve your website? What will you draw?

@flip Thanks. For the website mostly I have a lot more content to add. I'm not sure what I'll draw yet, something that I can reference in real life I think.

@flip given how the past 2 years went (in general, and universally), i'll probably hold off the resolutions/expectations, but for me, i'd want to be able to actually launch my business (after spending the past couple of months just researching and thinking about it), and perhaps network a bit more, even if it means *gasp* using social media more often (in a mindful and productive way somehow).

@flip i'd also like to avoid overthinking and overanalysing things as much as possible because that has actually held me back from doing things which i could have otherwise done. that, and going out of my comfort zone more often

@rozina I want to get better at this too! I’ve been learning to interrupt my normal decision making processes and ask questions like “is that really what you want?” And “are you just being a coward right now?”

@flip Gonna read more, start to keep a daily journal, try to get better at my Russian, and start writing for real! Excited about the new year :)

@opfez nice! What are you planning to read? And what will you write?

@flip Reading: Have a lot of Discworld novels to get through, and I need to finish "The Three Body Problem" and SICP.
Writing-wise, I don't know yet! I think I will enjoy writing sci-fi though.

@opfez nice! I did a lot of Discworld recently and loved those Cixin Liu books. My wife is almost done with the third one now, so I’ve gotten to hear the story all over again

@flip I'll try to not buy any books or video games.

@Sandra nice! I’m considering “no spend months” myself

@flip recording an album. Making moving images to accompany music on album. Reading more books. More being in nature. Off grid as much as I can.

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