I got a boosted board and my life is 99% more cyberpunk now. Since my house is solar powered, I guess I'm riding on sunbeams

@neauoire how long til you write a compiler for Lain? Seems inevitable at this point

It only recently occurred to me that audio books are actually a thing worth time

Looks like the Lenovo x1 carbon is the hotness.

Looking pretty good.......... .... .. . . . . . . .

Ok, friends what are some nice lightweight MacBook alternatives? Imagine cost is not a factor, and I want something powerful and lightweight and robust construction, to run Linux on.

When everything falls apart, you can examine the pieces and decide which are worth picking up.

This is a @somnius appreciation thread. Reply with a 🐯

Veg heads: gardein Chickn is amazing but way expensive. What can I get out there that is close enough to eat more of?

Urban fossil. That indestructible phone book case would make for a good laptop/gear case.

Our custom emoji don't work with the default web theme. :xoka:

New brush pens in time for Inkuary. Maybe I'll actually draw a comic before I die.

What is the state of browser UI libraries for providing a robust app experience? ( think figma, pyxel edit, etc)

I'm guessing the practical answer is 'heaping trashfire' in the axis of bloat and complexity but I'm open to merveillian influence.

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