is there a reasonable alternative to github or bitbucket that offers private repos and probably won't delete your content in 5 years?

my ipad is broken and i'm too dense to replace it, so, i guess i draw on paper now like its 1999

Yesterday I got to see a coworker in HUMAN FLESH for the first time in a year. Today I just did some exercise and I'm starting to finally feel like a human being again

In the Kaypro 2 user manual, the character code chart is handwritten. The kaypro 2 user manual was not written on a kaypro 2.

thought about building a web site to host all my random cancelled projects.

the weight of addressing old failures is heavy

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Humans build computers.
Apples grow on trees.

Writing a posix compliant micro kernel seems more approachable than learning any modern Linux distro

High voltage ac is for boomers.

I'm so over it.

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