I'm finding the package system really not appropriate for the kind of way I like to write things. I usually like fat namespaces and static members. It seems silly to compartmentalize and cordon off systems which should really never be used independently. I'm making a program, not a bunch libraries. So nearly everything is in package main. I'm sure I won't regret this :P

@neauoire noodle doesn't draw with my tablet on windows. Mouse is fine. I wonder if there's a touch event or something missing? Sorry I don't know much about how that stuff works.

Even after 12 years writing shaders, I still learn something new about the pipeline when I try to write graphics API stuff from scratch. There's a lot of nuance buried under layers of tools and APIs in premade game engines. Always something to consider when choosing tools for hobby projects.. My goal is never the result, but the physical act of creating itself. Like sand mandalas, just sweep it away at the end. Creation as meditation. That's why you reinvent the wheel. To watch it spin.

Recommend me some books that are inspiring. Especially focused on areas of creativity and technology and the combination.

I've been playing with Go a bit lately. It's a fun language. I like it

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I really want a robust extendable 3d editing platform. Imagine Unity editor with the full extension of the extendable editor scripting, but none of the runtime.

Does anyone have a recommendation for wireless earbuds that don't fall out when running?

Twitter promotes hashtags into suggestions as they are popular, and people often click the top result to save time. Thus is now being used by actual whale people

There are 217 million occurances of "github.com" Inside code hosted on github.

I don't know why, but this seems kinda... terrifying

oh no I had another idea for a puzzle game I'll never make

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