Gonna be pretty quiet around here for a bit. Trying out some life prioritization and put my computer in the closet. I quit coffee and candy and soda, lets see if my oldest vice can be kicked.

Pico 8 is a good potion to cure gamedev motivation blues

Any recommendations for books on beginning mycology or identification?

Game design friends: Other than PuzzleScript, what's your preferred framework for prototyping tile based puzzle mechanics?

Most of the drawing I do is pages and pages of shape doodles with no context. I have hundreds of pages of this junk.

Sometimes I come up with puzzle mechanics that are so bizarre I can't even design puzzles for them but I know it inherently works.

Brains are weird.

My son has decided he wants to go vegetarian so I told him I'd join in solidarity. It shouldn't be hard for me but that boy needs protein. Gonna be a tough one

Going back and reading the source for Doom/Wolfenstein - its actually a pretty good metric to measure my skill as a programmer. Every time I look at it again, I understand a bit more about whats happening.

On that note - if you're making a small game and the code is getting a bit complicated, go look at Doom. Your game isn't as fun as Doom. Let that be a lesson

Remembering this prototype I made of a wolf-based RTS on a fake gameboy.

It used a flocking behavior so you would control packs of wolves instead of single units. In theory, the coarse control makes it easier to RTS on gameboy

Phase: a blink-teleport, randomly placing at a nearby tile.

Fold: Merge with nearby wolf to combine stats.

Dig: Dig.

@neauoire do you ever think about live streaming creative/code work now that you have a stable internet connection?

So far, Go is a pretty cool language for game dev. It has a lot of nice features. The concurrency model means you get fancy coroutines as part of the core language.

Ok, it's not non-commercial. But it seems very fair. The free tier is 1gb storage and 200gb bandwidth. Pretty rad

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