somebody call the national guard, I'm actually enjoying it

somebody call the cops.
i'm being productive in javascript

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i like mastodon but i miss rotonde

it was really cool for like 2 weeks. I wish we could find a way to inject personality in the presentation here.

Figma is a pretty rad tool. Modern vector design tools in the browser...

I finally bought myself a new kindle. Hit me with some book suggestions. No constraints, just tell me some stuff you think I should read :)

after avoiding for my whole career, it looks like I'm finally going to have to learn javascript for work.

I think it's really funny how Go settled the opening curly brace / new line battle by making it break the compiler.

@neauoire: have you made a keyboard piano for pilot yet? could be fun. Copilot.

I just spent the last 2 hours shoveling gutter sludge and the skin is now gone from the tips of my fingers. How's your sunday?

Diggin around and found this thing from a couple years ago. I want to pick it up again - a weird system of CA for music viz. It's not automatic, i'm controlling it with midi.

Baiscally the way it works is you make a regular grid of bits, like conway's life - but instead of displaying directly, I take every 8 cells as a byte index into a palette. so you get weird disconnected cascades.

music is @neauoire

@neauoire did you ever see Arrival? I finally watched it, now my brain is melted, and it seems like something you would love.

I don't own an electric guitar, but an acoustic guitar with an iPad is a decent approximation if you want something dirty and don't really know how to play

Here's more data, a few days in hourly increments. left is sunrise, right is sunset, each row is a day. The rainy days are super obvious

This is fun. My home solar system you can see just how much rain we've been getting over the winter. Each square is one day, darker means less energy produced. August-January

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