Here's more data, a few days in hourly increments. left is sunrise, right is sunset, each row is a day. The rainy days are super obvious

This is fun. My home solar system you can see just how much rain we've been getting over the winter. Each square is one day, darker means less energy produced. August-January

I've never been so deeply excited about a long term art project than I am right now. Unfortunately It's going to take me at least 6 months, likely longer to finish. I'm not sure how to keep up that momentum without being able to make daily progress (work, life, etc). Any advice from the prolifically creative?

I've got an old tank crew jacket with nerdy patches so I closer match my dreams of being a desert mech pilot.

Trying to come up with some kind of emblem to screen print on the back of it. Maybe I'll do it in Dotgrid :)

I'm writing and sharing a song per week in 2019. a Jam A Week. Join me with

Week 2

whoops, now I made two tracks this week and I dont know which one to pick.

I'm doing my own 'weekly beats'. only a couple days left to do week 2... and then a lil web site to hold them

an image I made for a background in the DLC expansion for the game Hacknet

one day I'll make a shmup. until then, 4 of the ~500 I've drawn


Revel in the marvels of the universe.