Thanks for the replies everyone. Now to figure out how to get ahold of all this

Deep learning based autocompletion. Wow. Absolutely cool. This would make voice controlled programming significantly more viable for adoption.

@neauoire random boat life question: Do you ever get out of the boat WAY out in the ocean? Or are you too focused on the job of crossing (maybe sometimes the work requires you to get in the water?) I'm not a water person so it never occurred to me.

I don't what you call this reverse-nerd-shame, but I've never really read manga at all. I know. Aghast.

hit me with your recommendations pls

I'm going to try to post more art here instead of just twitter. This place is smaller but I love yall

An afternoon sculpt doodle from the other weekend.

Anyone have a decent Android masto client? using tootdon but it's shutting down.

going away from a computer for one week. this should be fun

embarking on a giant illustration project, the biggest i've ever done. whoops. But I'm pretty excited about it. Holding on to this feeling because it doesn't last :P

a boat on the ocean is not on earth, but in shallow orbit

@neauoire I want a 100r podcast where you interview cool creative people over beer.

I know you don't need more projects but that would be so cool :)

Any web/mobile folks around here ever used NativeScript? it seems pretty cool.

I have a design for a thing in my head - the picture is so clear, I'm afraid I accidentally stole it.

This struggle is eternal

There is a ship in Elite Dangerous called Orca, and I am very happy every time I pass one

somebody call the national guard, I'm actually enjoying it

somebody call the cops.
i'm being productive in javascript

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