@floatvoid Ah, this brings me back to when we got a SECOND 1541 for our C64! We could now copy disks WITHOUT SWAPPING! :blobaww:

@floatvoid (Nothing to do with the actual computer shown, sorry :blobsmilesweat: )

@floatvoid Hmmm great design decisions ruined by other design decisions.

Can you imagine all computers being like that?

@floatvoid It seems that in conjunction with that video, someone (look out for comments by "tschak909") has recently uploaded the software developers guide and a bunch of other system docs to bitsavers at bitsavers.org/pdf/mindset/, and releated software to bitsavers.org/bits/Mindset/


@floatvoid wow that is a beautiful specimen. It looks similar to an idea I had as a teen for a computer the split the difference between upgradability and ease of use, with fully enclosed expansion slot bays. Now there’s a new interesting YouTube channel for me to follow 😃

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