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Frontend-dev, designer and exp. digi "artist"

Been finicking with a lot of different stuff from coding to photoshop & 3d to drawing and writing. Not sure what's next but feeling the aesthetics of this group and last hyperjam really hard 🖤

Working&living remotely the past 6 years as a front-end dev & designer.

Working on a digital agency and trying to provide full web-products.

I have a coding studio with a buddy @

Written a fiction book once.


Been having a creative 'block' lately.

Remind me please, what is your go-to strategy for moments like these?

low tech website = low energy consumption by leveraging techniques such as image dithering, etc

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Hey, everyone! Nice to meet you all! My name is Josh. I'm just checking out this instance; I want to see if it's a better fit for me than some of the other instances I've tried.

By day, I do web dev and data science. By night, I tinker with programming and make a podcast called Public Domain Tapes. Here's my personal site if you want to know more:

Somehow think people on Merveilles will love watching like this:

I sure do. Got memories back from when I was traveling in a hammock in Japan - trying to find a place to sleep. Would've loved to "surf" or do some train-hopping but I'm getting too old for it now. Awesome to experience through someone else their eyes 👁

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Updated my portfolio - still WIP but wanted to share here already

Bits of cyberpunk inspiration.

Would love to hear any feedback if ya think something cool's missing or should be added or is just wonky

When's the last time you used a printer?

Neil de grass got schooled hard:

One thing I've discovered lately is how science-based Islam really is. It's quite mesmerizing and sad to hear that this culture got abolished from the inside out by conservative movements.

love this group. zero mentions of what's being mentioned everywhere x))

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Very tired / busy this past week but I'm doing OK 👍

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Few years ago I took a class on how to pastiche 80s ad airbrush style digitally and promptly started making a series about my favorite 80s computers.

I started with the c64, followed by a macintosh. Then stopped. Couldn't get myself to continue. I figured out why. I dislike the c64 piece. The composition is stale and there's a giant mistake front and center.

Today I decided to redo it. It's still WIP, but I'm having fun working on this series for the 1st time in years 🙂

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@flowen Looking good! I have a Chinese name as well (through marriage) and would love to do a logo and/or animation from it at some point as well...

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I'm working on a new website :)

Here's a figma link
(you dont need figma installed)

of the designs. I think you can press c to read the comments.

If you have any feedback, dont be shy of posting anything in figma

My first little After effects render.

My name in Chinese. Created in Illustrator and imported into After effects.

Created a lottiefiles export but its over 200k and not worth using - its just a few vectors animating after all. Will do by hand instead.

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