Does anybody around here works with on a distro? And if yes, is everything working without any frictions? Thanks!

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Why is everybody still using whatsapp? Signal please, .

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A super mockumentary (fictional events presented as a documentary) I've watched yersterday night 

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#facebook #fasciste 

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I think it will be a lot easier now that I moved in Amsterdam. Brussels isn't bad for vegan community but A'dam has *a lot* of vegan (friendly) places.

I'm vegatarian for two years and now trying to become fully vegan. I'm very curious on how this will impact on my social life. May the plants be with me.

Who wants to go from to tomorrow (23/05) afternoon? I have an extra thalys ticket to give for to the first one who wants it. I don't wanna waste it.

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No, do not update #WhatsApp because it has a serious vulnerability that can be used to spy on you. Delete it, as it spys on you even with nobody putting spyware on your phone.

#privacy #humanrights

Hey, I have two train tickets from Amsterdam to Brussels for sale (18/05 and 23/05).

The first - Saturday, May 18 - is a classic train and can be taken at any moment of the day.

The second - Thursday, May 23 - is a Thalys, departing from Amsterdam Central at 12:15 pm and arriving in Brussels at 2:08 pm.

Purchase price: € 29 and € 39, please make an offer.


CULTURESPORT — A music-driven science fiction animated web series set in a world adjacent to our own.

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A tenant consultation and introduction session at Varia by the Bond Precaire Woonvormen on the 6th of May between 15:00 and 20:00.

BPW is a #solidarity movement organised by volunteers who support each other based on the conviction that housing is a fundamental right that must be protected.

Please feel welcome to join us for a day of discussion, co-learning and reflection on the #housing situation in #Rotterdam, our rights as tenants and how we can support each other to work towards solutions for more safe, secure and affordable housing.

More info:

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#coursierVélo #startupNation #Frichti 

Found it in the West! It's move-in day today :n)

Still in this struggle, the housing market is totally fucked up here :o

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