I managed to get Orca to play with Bitwig and my analog synth, woop! Two hours to get the basics before tonight's jam.

Thanks to @irimi1's toot, I configured Obsidian (the tool I use for my journal / Zettelkasten) to open on startup. Hope this will do the trick.

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Mmmh I almost forgot that morning taste when I filled my with ideas I had the day before, accompanied by a good coffee. Such a good time that I have to (try to) make it a habit.

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#Cyberfeminism Index is facilitated & gathered by Mindy Seu. The WS was designed in collab. w/ & developed by Angeline Meitzler ..

πŸ‘‰πŸ» cyberfeminismindex.com

That moment when you know that only your pomodoro timer can help.

Hey Merveilles, I'm looking for resources on how to send midi notes from Orca to Bitwig *on Linux* but can't find any. Tips?

The test print is complete, it looks flawless. Prusa did a wonderful job on this printer :)

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Assembling my new 3D printer, a mini , while watching ournetworks.ca/livestream/ with a glass of freshly harvested kombucha. Unexpectedly chill Saturday night program.

Linux + audio 

Each time I try to configure Jack audio in Linux (Manjaro in this case), I get lost and stop trying. Why is it so tricky to get the basics?

Some people played with , which still amazes me as it did the first day I saw it. Congrats @neauoire!

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It made me want to reinstall and . But maybe this time, only to send midi notes to Bitwig or to an analog synth? I think I want to do something else than launching samples. I want to explore a space where I can play with the sound wave itself, while writing "uncertain" patterns.

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I went to an part of Ars Electronica yersterday night at Hangar, Barcelona. I think it was the first time I embrace with the output so much. Not only with the process, the culture, the people, but also with the musicality as a whole.

It is always good to participate in such events, I missed it a lot during the lockdown.

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But as I said, the content was super interesting to me. It was about: sonification, betweenness, togetherness, uncertainty, noises as language, anthropocentric perspectives, online embodiment (1) and ecology of disaster, the myth of abundance, data driven capitalism, the paradigm of choice, patriarchal techno utopism, permanent refugees, disaster aesthetics, positive effects of negative discourse, optimism without hope (2).

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It wasn't actually as good as expected. I really like the content that the different speakers brought on the table but the form ... too many shortcuts, not enough time to explain the concepts they have in mind, confusion in the terms used to speak about "technology". Amateurism?

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