Still in this struggle, the housing market is totally fucked up here :o

The big thing in my music making process is the research of my "perfect" drumkit. I slowly consider to release something, in order to free myself from this continuous and never-ending research. Maybe it's time?

I have to find a new place to live in , starting may 1th. I already lived in the South and East, so maybe can I try the West this time? Any ideas, friends who can ?

Hey , we started playing again. We've set the play time on sunday 4pm, at the rivierenbuurt court. We are 5 players for now, and need the sixth! Come and join us.

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I'm currently developping a special theme that aims to facilitate the process of documenting process. I'll drop it on gitlab as soon as a working step will be reached.

Very suprised on how Hugo — a static site generator — is easy to get in and very well documented. Everything just works. It's a real pleasure to use it and work with. Jekyll now seems so "old" compare to it.

The day I learned to unmount/clean/mount every part of my front hub.

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I just installed Flight Simulator, an ode to airplane mode, by Laurel Schwulst. Let's take a break and fly a bit.

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My plan for 2019:
- less perfection
- more experimentation
- document everything
- get comfortable sharing WIP

"It also means that Google could now, if it wished to, build a complete portrait of a user by name, based on everything they write in email, every website they visit and the searches they conduct."

I just got my ticket for the Community Day in . Talks, workshops, performances. See you there?


Revel in the marvels of the universe.