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"Mycelium is a programmable, intelligent and autonomous agent that can be taught to execute specific behaviors and then be released into an environment to accomplish the tasks it has been assigned to do."

- James Wieser

And because my ideal documentation tool is as light as possible and requires very little energy to operate; is perfectly understandable and does the tasks I want it to do - nothing more; evolves with my needs; has no Javascript, no cookies, no trackers … I built it from scratch. Here is an article about it :)

As part of the academy, I was asked to think about a personal project that represents all the techniques I will learn. I have had something in mind for some time and this academy can offer me the tools to do my research. I wrote an article to talk a bit about it.

An important part of the Fab Academy, apart from learning digital fabrication techniques, consists of documenting everything we do in order to create a shared and open knowledge base between all students, and for everybody. To do so I rebuilt my website to host that new content.

Any experiences with Elementary OS and i3WM? Does it make sense?

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We've collected our notes into an extensive guide with everything we learnt about sailing to Japan.

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We went to this very special place today, the Valldaura Labs. It is an institute focused on research and education on self-sufficient habitats. Spending the day there, harvesting vegetables, taking care of the land, and talking about how nature is amazing was super refreshing.

Hey Fediverse, my gf wants to join Mastodon, but finding the good instance is a (small) obstacle for her right now. She is interested in society, sustainability, (low) technology, feminism. What would be your recommendations?

Oooh too bad doesn't work with addresses. It could definitely become something very useful to me if it does. Emails are just too "slow" for many people, so making the interactions "faster" with the email network is a brilliant idea. I hope that this kind of bridge will help everybody to talk with anyone without any shitty propriatary service blocking the way.

Living in has been so good so far. It's about spending time with (new) friends, learning Spanish, discovering all the vegan places (there are many), doing yoga and sharpening my tools for the upcoming (it starts in a week).

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Little update on this because I have a lot of fun building it. What has already been done: use of different content sections (posts / pages), generation from a "complex" structure (folders with date and slug in the name of the folder, markdown file and images per article) to a simple structure (html files and a folder containing all the media), image processing to reduce the size while maintaining the quality, content filtering tags. I think I'm almost done :)

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I'm currently building my static site generator in Python :-) The goal is to understand every piece of code that I use, even if that gets me stuck in a (very) basic website (for now). Thanks Merveilles for the inspiration.

I can now filter the dataset and make totals, based on the date or a tag :)

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