Do you still have an account on the birdsite? Why is it usefull for your usage? I'm considering deleting mine.

Already three months since this excellent decision I've made. Almost nothing has changed in my social life and I'm more than happy to be more autonomous and respectful in my day-to-day life. Go vegan.

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Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

I'm spending the day updating & optimizing my starterkit for front-end development. It mainly consists on removing unused parts and keep things simple.

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fuck expensive stuff. fuck the newest, and the latest and greatest. use what you have - use what you can. and be proud of it.

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this is a fantastic thread on what social media can be if we design it to be slower, throttling virality instead of enhancing it

"Social media platforms should run small, and slow, and cool to the touch."

I did tattoos on three differents persons last week, including me :) So good to have time and trusty people to practice. I will share more drawings and pictures as soon as my wiki (still in progress) is readable.

This week in :
"WeMakeThe.City, the festival that makes cities better".

Does anybody around here works with on a distro? And if yes, is everything working without any frictions? Thanks!

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Why is everybody still using whatsapp? Signal please, .

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A super mockumentary (fictional events presented as a documentary) I've watched yersterday night 

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#facebook #fasciste 

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I think it will be a lot easier now that I moved in Amsterdam. Brussels isn't bad for vegan community but A'dam has *a lot* of vegan (friendly) places.

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