@xuv hey! When is the next Hardware Hack Lab? Cheers

@focus404 well. That's a good question. There are a few external factors that prevent it atm. We can't organize any public event at work. Our budget is frozen. I don't really know if it's worth now pursuing finding solutions to those problems or wait a little longer.

@xuv I think that many local initiatives are in the same process of reflection. Will it be part of the 鈥渘ew normal鈥? Is this already the 鈥渘ew normal鈥? I hope it will soon be easier to organize this kind of event :-(

@focus404 @xuv @320x200 organizes Hack Fridays --- via lurkers & chat
My fuzzy Sunday brain does not allow me to be more precise!! --->>> please fill in the blanks

Not sure what's the context of the thread here :) But Modding Fridays is not meant as an IRL replacement. It's essentially just a chat (used to share progress, help each other, etc) for people who can relate to the blurb, and a wiki where we slowly share things we do. The name comes from the fact that it started as just @cmos4040 and I meeting on Fridays to mod consoles :), now a few more people joined, and every day is a modding Friday :) still need to link the XMPP chat to a webchat to make it more accessible...
@wendy @focus404

@320x200 @xuv @cmos4040 @focus404 ok, thanks for the refresher. When I'm on a lot of projects at the same time, my brain just uses a blur filter on specifics. Could be cool to share images ! I hope to be able to show my 'corona proof' circuit soon 馃憤

@wendy @320x200 @cmos4040 @focus404 Thanks for the context. The discussion started because we interrupted a fortnightly IRL gathering around tech I was co-hosting before C19 hit the fan. Antoine was inquiring about resuming those. So far, I'm looking for IRL stuff to happen. But I might popup in your Fridays. They sound cool :)

@320x200 @xuv @cmos4040 @focus404 Top notch excellent blank fill 馃専 馃専 馃専 馃専 馃専 + Excellent undo reverse order of talking about stuff 馃専 馃専 馃専 馃専 馃専

@focus404 I love the shape of your tomatoes, like little skippy balls.

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