I wanted to have a stool/bench/table for my apartment, a kind of furniture that can be different things because of its dimensions. So I designed it in Freecad and fabricated it using the large CNC at Fab Lab Barcelona. >

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@gendor Thank you! The Johann stool is indeed one of my references. The finish of the opendesk products is superb, I would like to achieve this quality. Soon :)

@focus404 I dream of one day having a workshop where I can put in a Maslow CNC ( and make things that hopefully can get near the quality of those Opendesk products.

@gendor @focus404 Thanks for pointing out #OpenDesk! This one in turn reminds me of the #OpenStructures project:
(I still don't know whether this is meant seriously, but it's a great exploration)

@focus404 @gendor This is just amazing! It seems like OS is alive after all :-)
(also it's funny how these open making projects tend to use a #zettelkasten approach to documentation)

@schmidt_fu @focus404 Yes, I love OS! Great to see it is still being maintained.

@focus404 Oh wow, that‘s cool! What type of wood did you use?

@focus404 This is cool! I like it. I want to do furniture like this one day.

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