New recipe in our online documentation: Tempeh!

We discovered and learned how to make tempeh two years ago when we lived in Amsterdam. Going vegan invited us to explore food in a way we had never done before. Tempeh is now part of our daily diet. Making it taught us a lot about fermentation and its benefits, helped us understand our environment, made us want to become more resilient, to make our own tools.

@ekaitz_zarraga It's supposed to be, yes, as we printed it with food safe plastic (PETG) and clean it with vinegar to avoid bacteria growth. That said, we are still testing.

@focus404 Doesn't tempeh taste bitter and overall bad if you eat it raw? I've made a pad thai with peanut sauce and tempeh. It was quite good as I think tempeh needs to be "dressed up". But I'm at a loss for how to get the probiotic benefits. Surely cooking tempeh kills the probiotics, no?

@focus404 I think saurkraut has the same problem.. it tastes best when it's cooked, but cooking kills the probiotics.

@resist1984 Kimchi and saurkraut, or krautchi as Sandor Katz calls it in his book The Art of Fermentation, are totally meant to be eaten raw, to preserve, as you said, all their power :)

@resist1984 Even though tempeh can be eaten raw, it is generally not recommended to do so. All kinds of bacteria grow in it, both good and bad (for us). What interests me more in tempeh are the proteins created during the fermentation process and the B12 vitamins brought by the fungi (rhizopus).

@focus404 Thanks!

Have you experimented with different vinegars? Wondering which one to use, or just use a neutral one.

@wmd You're welcome! I use apple vinegar because it's easy to find cheap and organic one where I live (Barcelona, Spain). I used to use rice vinegar, which was certainly too expensive for the way I use it.

@focus404 Thanks for this. A friend of mine had a small business making tempeh but unfortunately has just closed down. Now I can practice making my own.

@alpinefolk You're welcome! Sorry to hear about your friend's tempeh business, where was it? Let me know how your tempeh practice goes :-)

@focus404 thanks. Friends have just focused on the other part of their business as the tempeh was a lot of work for a smaller income. I need to catch up with them but I think they’re still making small amounts for their events.

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