[x] back up my files
[x] replace my damaged screen
[x] buy/find a larger hard drive
[x] install Elementary OS

Tried OpenSCAD this morning. Designing 3D objects by writing code is interesting, but I'm not sure it's the best way for me to design things.

Yesterday night, I did a new tattoo on my hand, as a reminder to be 'here and now'.

And now, it is party time. Packing for the Psy-Fi festival. Psy-Trance for the next 5 days, olé!

This is the tour we finally made. Awesome experience in the beautiful north of the Netherlands.

I did tattoos on three differents persons last week, including me :) So good to have time and trusty people to practice. I will share more drawings and pictures as soon as my wiki (still in progress) is readable.

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