For this week's assignement, at the , I wanted to do something with . I ended up doing a kind of experimental musical instrument that reacts to its environment using a Circuit Playground. I documented the how and why:

I made a messy prototype of an incubator using a thermistor, a fan and a Peltier today. This will help us grow tempeh at constant temperature :)

Manjaro, here I am. The install/setup was super smooth till now, the Arch/Manjaro community is impressive. Almost everything works out of the box, and in a very efficient way. I hope my future self will continue to agree :)

Current situation: calculating the soil moisture level using a homemade humidity sensor.

In my documentation: a pomodoro script for the Circuit Playground, and how to upload it via PlatformIO instead of Arduino IDE.

I am catching up with my documentation, I'm currently writing about electronics design. While enjoying my new Regolith configuration (i3wm) :-)

I've assembled a Little Synth from Ginko during the 10th anniversary of Befaco at Hangar, Barcelona. Lots of fun, I'm now ready to start thinking about my future modular synth :)

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