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Ooh, I quite like the new Firefox UI, both light and dark versions.

Was initially unsure about the floating tabs but on closer inspection I’m really taking to them.

Love the @kde team.

This video has predominantly kind people in the comments but a crappy like ratio and could use some support.

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MightyScape: One Inkscape Plugin Collection To Rule Them All - There are 194 extension folders with 335 .inx files inside

The current MightyScape release has a whole bunch of useful stuff inside, for tasks as varied as laser cutting, 3D printing, vinyl cutting, as well as improvements on areas where Inkscape is a bit weak out of the box – like CAD, geometry and patterning.


#technology #opensource #graphics

I think I’m not done with the web just yet. For a while I was evaluating plans to bail and move into other fields, but I’ve changed my mind.

Particularly in comparison to other mediums, it’s still very open. And it’s accessible in far reaching ways that also aren’t really matched elsewhere.

So instead of bailing, I’m going to carry on but do it “right” to the best of my abilities. Trying to contribute positively where I’m able. @aral sets a great example of doing this. Improving > abandoning.

Mixes some new feelings in with my already mixed feelings.

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Been working on / with the web for 20 years and there are still aspects I love, but this week alone:

* Use your browser to use another browser in the cloud so you get enough RAM
* Google invents RSS, its totally new you guys
* Google invents colored rounded rectangle UI elements
* Use your browser, in your operating system, to interface with an operating system contained in said browser, and in it, edit code with a text editor that runs via a bundled browser - consumed 9.5 of my 8GB system RAM

Finally, gradually, finding ways to get access back to my favorite toys. Both Krita and Inkscape running nicely through sidecar + base Macbook Air.

Just had to adjust the pen pressure curve on Krita, and give Inkscape access to more system resources.

Still working on Gimp and MyPaint. Trying a new promising voice coding app tomorrow. Progress, bit by bit.

Jim Stephanie Sterling lost about 30k subs since coming out as trans in February. Been watching their content for a few years and they always do their best to make a positive, ethical impact on the world, so that really pisses me off.

If you’re a frequenter of YouTube, go give ’em a sub, hopefully help them feel some support and love.

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@freedcreative I think this is a very strong sign of technological collapse, but also more generally, this is a pattern that shows that we cannot reduce emissions at all. The only things humans will listen to is thermodynamics.

We should be running away from this full steam, but you can just tell that this will become the new normal.

If anyone is interested, there’s some pretty interesting exchanges that have been going on a while on the bird site between Jonathan Blow & Casey Muratori, and the creator & supporters of the soon to be released Mighty browser, which is basically fancy Chrome but in the cloud, like the Stadia of web browsers.

Jonathan and Casey both speaking their minds freely.

I’m curious to hear what all your opinions are, Fediversians. (I think I can guess).

Using voice dictation to write an article for a client on WebP images and it keeps outputting it as "wimpy images".

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We are hosting a kind of cooking event this week! We encourage each one of you to share one recipe between now and May 23nd. To participate, you must create a dedicated page on your personal website with the complete instructions, with at least one image, and the cooking time. The recipe cannot include animal products, of course. Please use the hashtag when sharing a toot of your recipe!


Probably need to pick a type of art to focus on instead of doing multiple types by halves.

Having trouble choosing between my top contenders: vector and pixel art. I like them both but I want to get really good, and advice to concentrate on one thing seems logically sound.

Is it sound advice?

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Video about how emotional issues show up in the body not just the mind.

I finally completed and published my little pixel art RPG pack on Itch!

It *looks* like 16 little graphics, but to me it’s representative of losing use of my hands, being unsure what I could regain, and clawing back abilities over the past year.

I changed my Itch name form Freed Creative to Polygonix because I’m not in a position to use only FOSS anymore. Started these in Gimp and finished them in Pixaki.

So pleased to have bought this little project to fruition. 😀

WordPress is an incredible GPL success story and it’s had a huge positive impact on my life.

But good lord it’s a frustrating and tedious experience trying to write in it now. 😬

I’m probably pushing my luck, but does anybody know if there’s a client that is accessible from iOS?

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