Interesting seeing the effects of meditation vs. cardio on the heart. Down to 56bpm during meditation, and almost max for my age 175bpm during exercise.

Both things working as intended I suppose!

I’ve been learning a lot about meditation recently, and I also watched a TV show with an episode that depicted a frontal lobotomy on a teenager to “correct” his wandering levels of attention.

How wild is it that western science came around to an ice pick in the brain pretty easily while finding the concept of building attention by, you know, practicing paying attention just way too out there to be plausible.

All my focus right now is on health, psychology, physiology and all the moving parts that go into physical and mental health.

So the things I have to chat about will have almost nothing in common with what I had to say before. I’m not entirely sure how exactly I fit into the fedi now because of that, but let’s see what happens!

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Hi Merveilles and Fedi!

After a tumultuous few months I can finally comfortably communicate via text again. It’s been a highly transformative time for me so the things I’m putting time and thought into have changed quite dramatically.

I’ve had to turn my attention away from politics, the software freedom movement, coding and teaching - i.e. basically all the major components of my life a few months ago.

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The problem with this whole Epic/Apple/Google debacle is I'm having trouble telling which multi-billion-dollar corporation truly has the best interests of me, the consumer, at heart.

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so if I'm reading this correctly, Mozilla fired 250 people and then framed it as "combating a lethal virus and battling systemic racism"

as though laying off 250 people is gonna save us from plague?? or help.. anyone? I'm so confused.

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Firefox market share vs Mozilla Foundation chair salary for last year financials are available (2018)

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By the way my suspicion is it's not Apple selling voice data to Google. My guess is the problem comes from apps accessing the microphone surreptitiously. I actually think Apple knows app vendors are doing this and they are planning to out them in the next operating system update that will add a little light showing whenever an app is accessing the microphone. Like they did with outing those cache exploiters.

I think they know tightening up privacy can be a big attack on their major competitors.

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After a long period with no unattended microphones in the house I have had to allowed one to operate for the purposes of hands-free voice based device control. And sure enough…

We were just discussing purchasing an armchair, and have done a flat zero looking online for it because we were talking about getting one at a local shop. 15 minutes later there's a Google ad.

Goodbye :(

I just remembered that in WWDC apple mentioned efficient virtualization and the ability to run linux on the new arm based systems. I wonder if their voice control would be able to integrate with content inside the virtual machine.

For example, with iOS / macOS voice control all interactive items show a number next to them and you can just say the number to click the button. Could it possibly integrate tightly enough with a VM to find those interactive items and allocate them numbers?

And does anybody know a decent client for mastodon on iOS that scales up to an iPad screen size?

Also, I apologize for my absence and if I haven't properly replied to any of the lovely kind messages I've received. It's a bit difficult to communicate in text at the moment, but I really do appreciate every message i've gotten. Thanks

IOS might have the voice control, which I am dependent on right now, but I tried to do some actual work today with it and boy oh boy do I want my Linux back.

Tasks that I'm used to being so simple were a hair tearing experience that took me half the day to find half baked solutions for.

I want my fully fledged next cloud integration, I want my Emacs, I want my KDE dolphin, I want my full firefox with add-ons.

But it's out of my hands. Have to wait and see if I continue to depend on voice.

Sidenote: when you have to say "scroll down" every time you want to look at the next few toots there is zero chance of wasting too much time scrolling.

Coincidentally, just a week prior i've been reading some toots from a blind person describing how much they struggle trying to use Linux despite really wanting to. I'm now experiencing that first hand.

It's a stark reminder there are many kinds of freedom people are trying to reach in their lives, and the path to one type sometimes excludes another.

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It looks like my life is going to be taking a 180° turn. I still only have minimal use of my left hand and right arm, and it looks like I might have some type of allergic, body attacks itself of disorder. We'll see.

As a result in the last week i've gone from being only a couple of applications away from 100% open software, to being 100% iOS because it's the only system I can get full use of solely with voice.

From having a firm rule of no voice recording in the house, to depending on it.

so now my right arm is also completely shot meaning I can't use a keyboard. however I can use voice dictation between my phone, kde connect, and my Linux install. unfortunately it means I have to rely on Google via gboard for the voice dictation but I couldn't find any other provider that worked. if anyone is aware of a better voice dictation option I'd love to hear about it

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Wow, look how clean and beautiful the latest version of is. Gorgeous!

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