Firefox now tells #Mozilla what your default browser is every day

#Firefox 75 comes with a new #telemetry agent that sends information about your operating system and your default browser to Firefox every day. This guide will walk you through disabling this "feature" to protect your privacy.
#privacy #privacymatters

Users shouldn’t have to choose between abandoning the systems they’ve paid for and learned to use, and having their data nonconsensually ingested by one massive, surveillance-based business.

Just finished my first proper coding session with + keybinds via Doom Emacs.

Still stumbling a good bit, and clearly there are faster ways to do things I don't know yet, but I liked it.

I really enjoy how roomy it feels compared to VS Code on the same monitor. And I especially like the nifty space leader keybinds. The vim keybinds are great too, but still getting used to mode switching.

Most of all love that it's not Microsoft or Electron as I prefer community software.

Sigh... All I want to do is add two simple lines of markup to the output of a WordPress function that fetches some taxonomy links.

For that I'm having to back-trace through several functions and classes to figure out how the current markup is generated, because it's scattered about and hard coded in.

This is why markup and logic should be separate.

*Finally* starting to get a grip on (w/evil mode) & Org Mode thanks to practising vim keybinds, installing Doom Emacs, and using TreeMacs & Centaur Tabs to help with familiarity.

Thank god.

Does anybody know why when I view channels through Mastodon I don't see all the videos they've posted?

What are your experiences with as an alternative to #npm? I'd like to move over all my projects... #FOSS #nodejs

Your feedback is much appreciated 🙏 :fosstodon: 💓

"Capitalism funds innovation. You wouldn't have the iPhone without capitalism."

I was asked to share a bit about what I've learned on working from home given I've been doing it a long time. Didn't quite know what to say at first, then realised I've actually taken in quite a bit over that period, so here's the lot in one page:

#Eclipse just released a fully open source alternative to #VSCode called #Theia :thonking:

Because it can run in a browser, you could have a single dev environment on any computer and it would work exactly as if you were using it on desktop. I might have to set this up :tinking:

Just finished a quick tutorial showing how to move a cube in . It's a way to help you get to know the engine & editor if you're brand new to it:

@codeberg Is it possible on Codeberg to have a repository based site or only an account based site?

In other words, wondering if I can host static sites per project.

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