Hi Merveilles Town! I'm really, really happy to be here. I discovered the fediverse last year but not until now did I know there was an instance that lines up with so much of what I love and believe.

I'm a front end web dev, vegan of 7 years, ever-prototyping hobbyist game dev. I love FOSS, especially graphics apps. I learned about solarpunk through the fediverse and instantly loved the concept. My dream is to buy a piece of land and re-wild it.

Excited to get to know you all!

@sebastian @freedcreative Hey Kezz! Welcome to Merveilles - I hope you'll find a comfy new home here.
I've already glossed over your website - interesting stuff, thanks for sharing your insights!

@rostiger Thank you for the welcome!

And thanks also for taking a minute to read my articles. 😀

@freedcreative welcome to Merveilles 👋 Looks like you're a perfect match! Looking forward to getting to know you :)

@freedcreative Welcome :D I'm also 7 years vegan (and straight edge hehe)

@7047741 Hi!

So did you find veganism through straight edge, or the other way around?

Thanks heaps for the music recommendations, that's really great. It's late for me atm so I'm going to listen to them tomorrow.

@freedcreative I don't really know, I knew about veganism but I got really in contact through my hardcore punk friends who were vegan straight edge at the time. I found it too radical (health wise) but I gave it a try after seeing an interview in a vegan straight edge doc where a woman said: "we are empathetic beings, so why don't we act like it".

@7047741 Nice. So it sounds like you nailed it first time then. Unfortunately it took me three goes to make it stick.

I take it you found your health was all good once you got oriented? (Ah, just saw your new post, yup!)

@freedcreative My health got better and I even gained weight. Almost 5 or more kg.
I do sports extremely intensively too and I'm way more fit than most peers in the discipline.

@7047741 Makes you kick yourself when you look back and realise how much nonsense you were being fed doesn't it.

When I first made the switch I bought protein powder and vitamin supplements and did all this research & prep. Then eventually I realised all the concern was founded in nothing but marketing spin from animal product industries.

I wish I'd known then how absolutely easy it was health wise, and that it was the meat / dairy / eggs I should have been worries about the whole time.

@freedcreative I also did a really torough endurance and general health test with blood samples and everything. Turned out they rarily ecountered someone this fit/healthy taking the explosive/destructive nature of skating into consideration. The only thing they could give as advice was taking in some proteins before 2 hours after my session and perhaps when I do a contest, take in some caffeine.

@7047741 My partner and I have encountered some surprised doctors too. A few years back he got some general blood tests and his cholesterol levels were so perfect that the doctor was astounded. It surprised her so much that mid consultation she went and showed the other doctors in the clinic how spot on the results were.

She said, "I don't know what you're doing, but keep doing it". He just said, "I'm vegan". Of course it was all new information to her given how little GPs know about diet.

@freedcreative Obviously my opinion changed about veganism relating to health haha

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