Just completed and shared an all shooter made in , meant to be a simple project others can use to help learn the engine.

Also includes , and source files.

Hosted on the community focused @codeberg

@freedcreative @codeberg Your game looks really nice.I will try it out later when I'm at home :D

@nipos Thanks! I hope it can be a help in some way. :)

@freedcreative Well,no.A game is never a help,it's the exact opposite because it prevents me from doing the productive stuff I should normally do instead.But games can be fun sometimes and if it's open source and runs on Linux,why not have some fun today? :D

@mondstern Thanks! Yes, the game is playable. It's just a very simple game, basically asteroids but with alien slimes instead of lumps of rock. Kept it simple deliberately so it would be easier to go through the code.


when i have time again, i will paint acrylic pictures to promote opensource projects / fdroid apps etc. then i will paint your game logo as well, the next exhibitor can take it.
but currently i'm in the preparations for my first exhibition. infos will follow.

@mondstern That sounds amazing, both the upcoming acrylic pictures and your exhibition.

Best of luck for the show!


and if i painted yours (probably after april 2020 - that's when the exhibition starts) it will also be on the #codeberg list. this only as info.

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