Someone on the birdsite had the idea of applying flat colors to their tool icons in order to group them. I followed suit and I really love the result!

And btw, I absolutely love that I have the freedom to make adjustments like this. Good luck changing a single thing about Photoshop.

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@ademalsasa Thanks! I wonder if I can put the modified icon set up on a git repository...

@ademalsasa I'll ask the devs - I know it's all open and everything, but it seems like the polite thing to do.

@freedcreative ah you're correct, Kezz. I didn't think that way a second ago. I believe they will accept it.

@steko @glimpse I actually tried to get them going for Glimpse as well but didn't manage to find my way around where flatpak put things. Granted, I did give up after about 2 minutes of looking though.

@freedcreative @steko Let us know where you host them on Github!

Technically we'll need to fork it because we add our own logo and metadata changes so people don't just see the Wilber icon, but we could pre-bundle it in our 0.1.2 release (currently being beta tested).

@trechnex @glimpse If you wouldn't mind helping point my fumbling self to where I'd locate the icon theme in a flatpak install, I'd be happy to add the coloured icons into a Glimpse theme and post that on a repo, if it helps?

Hopefully you don't mind a Codeberg hosted repo?

@freedcreative @glimpse on my own test setup it's stored in ~/.var/app/org.glimpse_editor.Glimpse/

You should find the necessary folders in the sub-directories there.

@freedcreative @glimpse I think the way we would probably do it is push a matching copy to Github, then submodule it.

I don't have anything against Codeberg per se, but it's not been around long and volunteer-run sites have a habit of disappearing unexpectedly. 😅

(We also stick to tagged releases where we can so our builds are reproducible)

@trechnex @glimpse I got it going! I had to find my way into an obscure Flatpak folder.

I did end up posting these on Codeberg, (sorry for any hassle), just because I'm trying to keep things I'm tinkering with in one place. But please feel free to clone and do whatever you like with the changed files as I really didn't contribute much other than recolouring some SVGs.

Here's the repo:

The readme shows the dir I had to install into to get the icon theme recognised.

@freedcreative @glimpse thank you for this! 🤩

I've updated the Github issue after mirroring the code.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to see I've suggested it as the "default" icon pack for 0.2.0, but we would need to do some related work (i.e. creating a new dark UI theme & rearranging the toolbox) to make that happen.

@freedcreative @glimpse I think grouping the icons by colour is a very cool & intuitive way of differentiating ourselves from upstream and allowing us to move the default layout around without alienating users.

If we don't pick it as a "default" then it will still be prebundled as an optional icon pack, and you'll be credited in the artist tab of Help > About > Credits if we use it.

@trechnex @glimpse Super cool! That would be amazing.

I'm happy to help pitch in on a dark UI theme, if you need some extra hands?

@trechnex Ok will do! Of course, I haven't the first idea how to make Gimp themes, but it can't be that hard to figure out, right? 😀

@freedcreative that's what I said back in June about changing the GIMP's name! lol 😅

Your best bet is probably to copy the current dark theme and start tweaking it. That was how I was thinking of doing it when I took a look at the build system.

@trechnex Okay I'll do that. Making themes is kinda my thing, so I'll get it sorted. Wish me luck!

@trechnex I'm obv missing something - I found the `~/.var/app...` location but it doesn't seem to house the icon themes. The `icons` folder was empty.

The location of the icon themes appears in preferences as `/app/share/glimpse/2.0/icons`, but I don't have an `/app` location I can see through a file manager, and I also couldn't see it via `findmnt`.

What am I doing wrong?

@freedcreative how do change gimp icon colors like that? I want that mod :>

@neauoire I just straight up duplicated the icons folder and changed the SVG colors one icon at a time.

I'm going to share the icons, and I'll make a little video showing how / where to install them.

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