So I've been hearing some people pretty amped about as an alternative to YouTube, and I am completely behind the need for more than one platform for videos.

But getting on board has been a weird process. I signed up, then submitted to their Discord bot for approval for the "rewards program" which is supposed to be the alternative to YouTube's ads.

Get an email saying "Welcome! You've been approved to receive LBRY Rewards"

But the bot says...

..."Thank you but, I’m sorry. I checked your account, and it was not approved for rewards."

I say "Sorry, I'm a bit confused. I got an email saying my account was approved for rewards, and I'm able to claim some in the rewards area."

Bot says "Thank you but, I’m sorry you do not qualify for our Rewards program...This could be due to a variety of reasons...Please respect our decision and do not re-open additional tickets. "

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My partner also tried to get setup with them but had to change his channel name. After a week of emails back and forward it didn't happen.

I really want more video platforms to become viable, but I'm not feeling entirely confident in LBRY so far, despite really wanting to see the monopoly shaken up.

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@freedcreative that sounds like a frustrating experience.

Personally, I really want to see PeerTube to succeed. It's obviously not where it needs to be as a platform yet, but the biggest shortcoming right now is finding people on it that are creating original content for the fediverse.

Until then, there's just loads of mirrored crap from elsewhere.

@sean @freedcreative Hi, sorry to jump in on thos but thought you might know. I'm not clear on LBRY and how it works but know its one of those blockchain things. Do I need to use these coins/tokens if I want to publish something? And do I need to take care of bandwith or is that done for me?

@espen I'm not 100% clear either, but I think the answer is yes, it uses up their LBC currency to post. Apparently a very small amount though.

On bandwidth, it's peer-to-peer so I think while the main hosting is handled by their servers you can also seed content you've previously watched, as it gets downloaded to your local drive.

@freedcreative Yeah, I've been binge-reading a few of their FAQs and seems you need to get some LBC to publish. Although it seems there are some kind of rewards system so maybe I can use that to bootstrap something without doing an initial investment. I don't really care for any of these coin/token systems but we'll see if I manage to avoid it.

Oh ok, so it similar to the torrent system, partially or completely.

Thanks for the answers though :)

@espen Yeah you get some LBC when you register, and I'm not sure what the deal is with mirroring from YouTube as my partner mirrored his entire channel which is hundreds of videos.

@sean Yeah I feel the same, I'd really like to see PeerTube get to where Mastodon has as an alternative. As you say though, it's hard for even keen Fediversians to spend a lot of time there as it's highly difficult to find content.

That's all the more reason to post videos though, but my other concern is being in the same feed of videos as some of the shady stuff that shows up. Thinking of self hosting like Blender does, but not sure on the technicalities.

@freedcreative Hey, have you tried BitTube for a Youtube alternative? I don't know a lot about it yet, but it seems pretty good so far. BitChute seems to be way more popular, but BitTube has more features. It even supports HD videos, which BitChute does not (as of yet).

@jessewebb I hadn't heard of that one previously. It does look better than BitChute, (which is populated by a lot of content I have no interest in having proximity with). This looks like it has more interesting stuff - linux videos, gaming, guitarists etc. I'll spend some time exploring it I think.

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