Damn I love Plasma! Been using it a couple years now and I STILL regularly keep finding cool new features!

Just discovered the seamlessly integrated git client in Dolphin.

@dualhammers Blazing fast, it's incredible. I even run it on my little Surface Go with barely any resources.

From what I can gather the reputation of it being slow is from the 4th version and earlier. I came on board at version 5 so it's been nothing but silky smooth for me.

I feel totally bogged down when I use any other DE now, even the ones I really like.

@dualhammers Yup.

I've also used it on Arch, Neon and Kubuntu. It's great everywhere.

@dualhammers I did. I considered Pop_OS! but I just love my fresh packages, AUR and well integrated KDE too much.

@dualhammers Yeah second only to Arch, or distros that are Arch installers. Basically the Arch release cycle but sometimes with a short delay.

I'd say it's slightly-blunted-bleeding-edge.

@dualhammers For me it's been the opposite because I'm getting all the bug fixes that I have to wait for on other distros.

That's not to say things can't go wrong during a round of updates, but so far they haven't for me. I think I had like one issue where I had an audio ticking sound after an update, which I solved by disabling TLP.

Otherwise it's just been increasing stability by giving me access to all those improved packages.

@dualhammers @freedcreative In my opinon, nowadays the linux desktops matured a lot, so there is less regressions from a version to the another and more bug fixes and small improvements, so rolling release distributions provide bug fixes faster with almost no regressions. This is true for Plasma, but also for GNOME.

@carl @freedcreative is there a rolling distro that is Ubtunu rather than Arch based?

@dualhammers @freedcreative There is KDE Neon, with the latest KDE packages but the rest is from Ubuntu LTS. Otherwise in non Arch based, there is openSUSE tumbleweed and Solus.

@carl @freedcreative And there isn't a lot of knowledge overlap between Arch and Debian, yes ?

@dualhammers @freedcreative There is a lot of similarity between Arch and Debian. Both use almost the same set of tools (systemd, X, Wayland, ...), the only differences are the package manager (pacman vs apt), the package availables and some minor things (Apache vs httpd). This is the same with all the distribution using systemd.

@carl @dualhammers @freedcreative You also have the Arch Wiki... and there are often many different packages of the same package i.e. you can select one that suit your needs best. I wouldn't recommend installing too many packages from the AUR though, but it is super convenient.

@shellkr @carl @freedcreative my experience with multiple packages has been they're not average user friendly enough yet for me to avoid losing several days debugging problems I don't understand.

My concern is Arch has the old school "we are all experts you ought to be too" obfuscated design philosophy

@dualhammers I think that's part of why a lot of people like Manjaro. The forum is very friendly and helpful, and used to people having little to no experience.

That said, being able to use the Arch Wiki as a near-direct reference can be very helpful sometimes.

@dualhammers @carl @freedcreative Arch is not really meant for "average" users... It is more of a DIY.. and if I don't have time to debug I just roll back the package to a previous version using the package cache. Takes rarely longer than a minute..

No one is an expert at first. Most Archers I met are helpful. Some are not but those can be found in every distro. My worst personal experience are from Fedora but that is a decade ago. ;)

@dualhammers @carl I can't speak to the under the hood overlap like Carl can, but from a user point of view the majority of the time it's all the same, e.g. Kubuntu vs KDE Manjaro.

What's different is the steps I have to take to install & update software, and the software that's available to me.

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