Could anyone give me some advice please?

If I have 16 threads on my system, what would the maximum number I could set to use without causing stability issues?

@freedcreative I don’t have a scientific method for determining these things, but I often tell my machine to use all the threads for whatever I’m doing. Granted, I run arch and i3 and I hardly run anything at all in the background

@flip Okay cool, thanks. So it's not like you're going to prevent the rest of the system from doing essentials if you max out the number then. Excellent!

@freedcreative my understanding is that you’re making all the threads available. That doesn’t take away threads from other processes, but those processes might start competing if you’re pegging threads

ymmv, but the worst I’ve done is lock up the machine for a while and realize I need to scale things back or free up processors

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