This is an outstanding talk, particularly in light of Microsoft acquiring npm today:

@freedcreative I like the talk. But I'd argue that npm is already "decentralized". The default is to use npmjs servers for packages. But you can use any packages server you want.

Saying npm is centralized is the same as saying Debian apt is centralized.

@xuv I think the main problem is the private ownership. No part of any commons should be privately owned.

It inevitably leads to a conflict of desired outcomes, i.e. the good of the community vs. the good of the investors, and we all know who typically wins.

@freedcreative Sure. But the private ownership of what are we talking about in this case? It's been a while since I watched this talk you point to, but,eifeI remember correctly, it was all about building a decentralized npm alternative. What else was is proposing?

@xuv It did propose a decentralised alternative at the end but the main focus was pointing out the problem with every open, commons JS project being filtered through privately owned enterprise that needs to get their pound of flesh somehow.

The concern is it takes control from the community and concentrates it into a the hands of a small group who have differing fundamental motivations.

IMO it's too late for an npm alternative. It will be up to new langs to build up fresh with a better way.

@freedcreative This is great! I'm not big on the JS ecosystem, but I'm excited about Entropic.

@freedcreative Sadly, it seems like the project might be dead: the install script on github leads to a 404 page, and the project's last commit was last year :(

@gueorgui Yeah I saw it didn't seem to have a lot going on. That's a shame.

At this point I think it would be a major uphill battle to dislodge JS devs from the npm / yarn status quo. It's so entrenched now.

That's why I suspect it's going to be up to new up and coming languages to build differently from from the ground up, with community focus entrenched instead.

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