doesn't allow specifying an icon theme for GTK apps after the last update?

Is this the case for anyone else, or have I just missed a relocated setting?

Confirmed you can no longer set GTK icons, which unfortunately has the side effect of Inkscape defaulting to an icon set not suited to a dark theme.

I tried editing `~/.gtkrc-2.0` to set my preferred icon theme but the changes I made had no effect.

Does anybody know how to set GTK2 icons in the latest version of KDE Plasma?

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@harald Yes it's the same for me as it is for @friend where you can set the GTK theme but not the icons.

I was using Inkscape with a specific GTK theme and icon set, now the GTK theme applies but the icon set no longer does.

I'm not sure which icons it's defaulting to as my whole system is dark themed and I have light icons elsewhere.

@Kezz Bracey (Freed Creative) @friend Ah, I see. Yes it seems the icon theme follows the general theme.
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