TFW you can't create a graphic you need to produce after trying every Linux compatible application and have to boot into Windows. 😭


TFW you try the Windows app, get reminded the feature you wanted to use isn't that helpful after all, go back to Linux and manage to figure out how to do what you need there after all! 🎉

@freedcreative I'm very much getting to the point where Linux is the only answer

@luxpris I'm reeeeaaaally close now too. I have one occasional job that needs me to use some After Effects / Premiere assets, but I think that might be wrapping up. Resolve is working well enough on Linux and I also have Kdenlive.

I just discovered I love Bitwig so that's music covered. And I have Figma in the browser to tide me over for UI design until AkiraUX is ready.

For coding I have OSS-Code, but I'm learning Vim because paranoid though it may be, relying on MS software makes me uneasy.

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