Just used the new @inkscape 1.0 release to recreate what was a raster hand drawn circle, instead using a simple path plus two live path effects. v1.0 feeling incredibly smooth and coming in very handy already!

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@couscous @inkscape Anything in particular jumped out as being especially great yet? Or new things you've spotted that you hadn't used before?

@freedcreative @inkscape
I used to be a technical drawer (not sure in english) before some art school, and it feels easier to use tech tools, drawing helpers, LPE feel way more comfortable (for a casual user), and the overall feeling is way better.

I've been using Inkscape for years (now and then), so i'm not really a power user, and it really feels like the 1.0 release we've been waiting for!

@couscous @inkscape I had the same feeling from LPEs. They feel very fluid.

And the performance boost is quite noticeable.

@freedcreative @inkscape
Yep, i still remember how hard it was (around 0.42 i think) with not so many nodes in a drawing, compared to this release o_O
They did a great job!

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