I sometimes see videos comparing open source tools vs proprietary "market leaders"...Most recently, someone compared Inkscape to Adobe Illustrator... his final verdict: "if you can afford it get Illustrator because it's the "industry standard" and Inkscape isn't completely compatible with all its proprietary bits.

To me that's someone punching down, trying to preserve his status quo & validates his exorbitant spending on proprietary tools that exclude those who haven't paid the t(r)oll.

@lightweight I saw the same video and was a bit disappointed, especially given that person does such a good job teaching Inkscape.

Honestly, even if you're going to suggest Inkscape falls short in some areas, that doesn't mean recommending Illustrator is the right call. I'd sooner suggest people get Affinity Designer if they have needs Inkscape can't meet, because at least it's a one time purchase. Or even Figma.

Not identifying the problem then encouraging perpetuating it as a response.

@freedcreative my suggestion would be that they look at improving inkscape - it'd be a great investment for themselves, and a generous gesture for everyone else. I tend to be philosophically opposed to proprietary software (I think you've seen it, but if not - davelane.nz/proprietary ) and therefore cannot recommend it in good conscience *unless there's no viable alternative*.

@lightweight 100% - I go to great pains to use libre software everywhere possible even when it's more difficult.

And yet I've still found there are times when as part of putting a roof over my head I have to achieve something I can't find libre tools for, and it's not practical to try and create the functionality I need in time for my next rent payment.

That's where I think along the lines of, well I'm stuck in jail anyway, so I'll choose this nice cell with a window over solitary confinement.

@freedcreative hmm - then the best way to incrementally work the way out of jail after the time pressure's off is to ensure small steps toward alleviating the shortcoming in the #FOSS option, e.g. an issue/enhancement description, perhaps a small cash donation to the project?

@lightweight You described the exact process I've been working through in recent years. 😀

I tried going all in at first, but found I had no choice but to revert to an incremental transition. However the software has gotten stronger and stronger, and I've gone from about a 70% / 30% split to more like 90% / 10%.

The way we're heading, I would say within about two years the only major boundary to fully libre creative work will be proprietary file formats used by peers & clients.

@freedcreative if we get to that point, then you (and I and others doing the same thing) will have the moral high ground well and truly to ourselves... and we'll be able to use objective ethics to support our position and encourage their personal growth :)

@lightweight The cooperative development model is superior to the competitive one, the developers just need the resources to sustain what they do.

@freedcreative yup - so we need to support collective funding platforms (like github.com/ddevault/fosspay and maybe liberapay, but not sure of its status). Also, we need to make it clear to governments that software can be consider digital critical infrastructure, like public health system (if you're not in the US 😂 ), public education, roads, or water and sewerage, etc. They should be contributing to its funding esp for education not continuing to enable the proprietary corporate monopolies.


@lightweight Agreed. I've been thinking about those too platforms a lot lately, because it makes me feel very uneasy seeing so many libre projects coming to depend on for-profit, closed, VC funded, capitalistic operations like Patreon, Open Collective and GitHub Sponsors.

And I do also think just straight up "please pay for the thing" business shouldn't be the sole domain of proprietary software vendors. I think pay-what-you-want and regular flat priced models, like Ardour, have their place.

@freedcreative I totally agree regarding your latter point - I'm just awaiting delivery of some recording gear, and was planning on paying for Ardour... and to be in a position to help ensure it's properly open source...

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