Yesterday in org-mode I found I could double click on a bullet to expand or hide the subtree.

Today it doesn't work, and I haven't changed my config.

I feel like I'm trippin. What did I miss?

@freedcreative 0_o wow

i do get some weird undefined behaviour sometimes in GNUS, the mail/USENET client -- sometimes reloading/recompiling the dotfiles fixes it.

i get the sense that EMACS stores a lot of stuff in memory and you can unknowingly fiddle with settings sometimes

that said, that is suuuuuUUUUper weird

@vidak Do you know if mouse toggling subtrees is the default behaviour?

@freedcreative no i don't, but i can have a little looksee online with you!

@vidak Thank you! I did try but I think I didn't have enough contextual knowledge of the right things to search for.

@vidak Legend, thank you so much!!

Works even better than the mysterious mouse activation yesterday because I only have to single click.

You know I even looked in melpa for org-mouse, I didn't realise it was built in. Thanks!!

@freedcreative Are you in org-mode? What does `C-h k double-mouse-1` tell you? (that is: `C-h k`, then double-click)

@fluffy With a double click on an org-mode heading bullet I got:

(mouse-set-point EVENT &optional PROMOTE-TO-REGION)

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