This makes me sad. Of all the places you'd think you could avoid proprietary platforms, the Free Software Foundation would have been at the top of the list. 😞

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@freedcreative oh yea, i remember being mad about something like this.

there was a big thing where GNOME voted to replace their custom grown environment with Gitlab. they didn't like the fully-foss Phabricator because some reason or another, and went with an "open core." thing.

are these not on savannah?

@icedquinn I'm not sure to be honest. i just went through to the FSF page linked to in the post ( clicked some of the mentioned links (e.g. and sure enough it redirects to Github.

I understand if they wanted a different system, but other non-proprietary options are available. It's the Free Software Foundation. Shouldn't they be the one place above all others to stick with free software?

@freedcreative The projects mentioned are not managed by FSF. Instead they are simply official GNU projects but they are managed independently.

One could argue that FSF should require GNU projects to use free hosting software, but apparently they don't.

@loke Even so, I would have thought GNU would be a bastion of software freedom. Seems as out of place as Microsoft turning around and releasing Window 7 under GPL.

@fsfe Could we please have a response from #FSF Europe? Allowing #GNU projects to have their officially linked repositories on a server that is not only owned by #GAFAM, but even worse, is partially blocked to users in some territories and countries [1], is against the principles of the FSF. Racism should not be promoted by the FSF.


URL: [http only; no https]

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@boud @freedcreative @loke Please note that the FSFE, unlike our North-American sister organisation, does not have any official relationship with the GNU project.

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