Just switched from Tutanota to (thnx for the tip @sir). Initially the old-school style site put me off, but my impression was wrong and so far I'm really pleased. Domain setup instructions were crystal clear (unlike, setup was fast & smooth, and integration with Thunderbird & K9-mail painless.

Now I can back up my emails locally, integrate with Nextcloud so I have calendar email notifications (can finally dump Google calendar) and can send large files via my own storage.

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@freedcreative Been using Runbox for some of my emails myself for a while. I've been very happy with them.

@freedcreative @sir maybe they changed, but the instructions on were also pretty clear to me.

i get why you're leaving tutanota. i considered it for a long time, but then i also decided to go for another provider.
eventhough end to end encryption is nice and all, it's not worth it if you lose all that freedom that normally comes with open standards.

@schrofi Yeah, nothing negative to say against Tutanota, they were a big step up from Gmail. But now I can have a proper native client and offline access through that client.

It did make me uneasy from day one that if the internet went down, or their server, I wouldn't have been able to access my emails. If they'd gone for a bridge like ProtonMail I'd probably have stayed on board.

@freedcreative totally agree, too bad they ruled out the development of a bridge 😕

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