I've now been using as my default search for a week and this is the one, I'm sticking with it.

It's been working great, and actually returning better results than DDG. For example, I searched for info about KDE touch screen gestures on both Searx and DDG. DDG gave me about 3 relevant results and the others were all about Windows 10. On Searx it was the reverse, all the results were relevant except one sneaky Windows 7 entry way down the page.

for the win

@freedcreative yay! I've tried it a bit on my phone with the Searxer app, and it's nice. I should do more with it on my laptop.

@freedcreative yep, that's where I got it! It works nicely, as long as you pick a good, working instance. I try to get most of my apps from F-Droid these days.

@greyor Thanks, I'll look it up. I'm 100% F-Droid now, I just like not having to comb through everything wondering about spyware / malware.

@freedcreative I hear you there for sure. I'm mostly F-Droid, except for a few things like banking apps and such.

One of these days I'd like to take the plunge and get a PinePhone or something, but I'd like to wait for it to mature a little more. I find it difficult to give up the Android ecosystem, and would like an Android fork like GrapheneOS or ReplicantOS ideally.

@greyor Yeah you end up needing something with Android or iOS whether you like it or not. I'm using LineageOS but have a cheap Android phone in the drawer for when non-FOSS apps are pushed on me.

The PinePhone is super appealing. Same here, just waiting for it to bake a little longer in the oven.

@freedcreative I run an unofficial, hacky build of Lineage on my tablet (Galaxy Tab E Nook). It's OK. I have no idea how to build it myself or I'd update it. Currently it isn't able to update any .apks for some reason, so I basically just use it to web browse and read my local paper. My phone is a Galaxy S9+ with a locked bootloader, so I can't do anything about the OS.

Yeah, I think it'd be fun! I am not a cutting-edge kind of person when it comes to hardware at least, so I'm fine waiting.

@freedcreative I need to try it out. DDG is very very unreliable and inconsistent when it comes to usable or relevant results.


Interesting. Just submitted an issue, as it doesn't seem to work from textual browsers. Feels really close, though.

@vandys Oh that's a shame. I wonder if a locally hosted version could be configured to work.


Well, it's all in Python, so I could definitely fix that. Except I seem to have enough to do at the moment... will consider it as a future project.

I've been using for well over a month now. It's searx and I chose it because it has a very good mix of engines it looks at qwant(bing), DDG(goog/bing), wikipedia, wikidata, reddit(!) others...
My french is somewhere between shit and non-existent, but I can kinda read - it's worth it to me just for the extra practice even.

@gemlog That's cool! Good to hear about multiple instances working well. I tried it for a while last year but couldn't quite get the results I needed out of it, but this instance or updates since then have made it great.

@freedcreative I tried it a year or so ago and it sucked. It really depends on the instance you choose. I went through a large list testing results and just accepted that french one when it returned the most engines. I'm sure there are others.
Also, sometimes my connection to is a bit dodgy and times out.
Also, sometimes I'm lazy to read french (esp for tech topics) and hit startpage instead. This list is long, but I may try it again

@gemlog Oh btw, thought it might be useful to mention that in the preferences you can choose whichever collection of engines you like. Pretty awesome.

@freedcreative Is this in your own instance of searx or...? If local cookies, I run each new tab in a new container, so cookies are never persistent for me.

@gemlog You can do it any instance afaik, local or remote, but yes it's stored in a cookie. I block cookies by default and have an allow-list, so I just allowed this URL.

If you're using FF containers and make Searx open in it's own container every time you could handle it that way.

@freedcreative Thanks - I never thought of that!
Trying to think of downsides... nothing coming so far... hmmm :-)

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