Wow, look how clean and beautiful the latest version of is. Gorgeous!

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@freedcreative reminds me of older versions of Microsoft Word, and that's a compliment.

@ljwrites Yeah, so nice!

It also has this really convenient start screen for file management and document type selection.

@freedcreative @ljwrites I have that on my version of LibreOffice for a while now??? I don't get it has something changed, it looks just the same to me

@keith Been a while since I last looked. Still had a pretty 90s vibe at that time.

@keith There's probably a theme to go retro if you want I bet.

@freedcreative yeah, but did they make the menus stop disappearing off of the global menu bar

@freedcreative tbh it's probably just that I have some weird bodge from stackoverflow to force apps to use the global menu bar because some of them were refusing to acknowledge its existence and drawing their own inside the window, but idk.

@freedcreative that looks exactly like Office 97 or Office 2000 😂

@freedcreative wow! this is a huge improvement.

Also, this made me realize I installed an offering of LibreOffice through Elementary's AppCenter that is a few point releases behind. There's a different offering that has the latest version. (pretty confusing and I'm going to ask Elementary about it)

Anyways, excited to be running the latest and greatest now. :D

@clayton I see in your bio you're a UX person - me too. Through that field we see things like a theme improvement aren't just superficial, they're measurable usability upgrades. IMO this alone really pushes LibreOffice over the line as an option for more people.

Example, my partner had never been keen on LibreOffice Writer previous times I'd shown him. He saw this version, asked if it could do em dashes, saw that it could, and said "Sold, I'm using this now".

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